NESN on AppleTV

Why didn’t anyone tell me that NESN has an AppleTV app?

I just installed it and now I am watching spring training Red Sox baseball on my AppleTV! Will regular season games be blacked out by MLB? Will regular season Bruins games be blacked out? I have the account I’m using for the app tied to our Verizon cable account and NESN is in that package, so I don’t think so.

The next B’s game is Thursday. Fingers crossed until then.

One thought on “NESN on AppleTV

  1. I tried it on our Apple TV+ but couldn’t find it. It’s OK though, because I found it on MLB tv, which I thought you had to pay for but when I clicked on it in my online TV guide, it came on. It said it was the Marlins vs Red Sox but so far they’re having a conversation with Bob Costas. Hopefully the game will actually come on! I’m curious to see a game with the new rules – the pitching clock and the batter’s clock. We’ll see if I’m actually able to watch this game.

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