Digital vs Film

I did a little comparison experiment today. Just cause.

I took this picture of me gitter using my DSLR. I set the ISO as low as it goes, put the camera on my broken tripod (it doesn’t tilt) with the legs closed all the way because otherwise I would have had a picture of the wall above the top of me gitter. I then used the light meter on my iPhone to figure out the aperture and shutter speed, used the auto focus and snapped.

I then put Dad’s film camera on the tripod and did the same. The ISO of the film in the camera is 100, which is lower than the DSLR goes so it’s not an exact duplicate test. I did set the aperture the same on both cameras but the shutter speed was a smidge lower on the film version. I manually focused and compared the light meter in the camera to the app and they were very similar. I then snapped the pic. The shutter was open for one second but it felt like 15 years.

Someday I will get the roll of film developed and in theory I will compare the two images. I say in theory because I can pretty much guarantee I’ll forget all about this by then and will never compare them at all. Oh well. I have a photo for the photo a day thing though, so that’s good.

70/365… a smidge over exposed?

One thought on “Digital vs Film

  1. Here I am again… the royal pain. But I have to tell you I saw a couple of interesting articles about photography on NH Chronicle on Monday night. One was that there is a film developer in Dover called Photosmith, and they develop all kinds of film. The other I thought you’d find interesting – it’s a photo place in Amherst, NH that not only develops film but also teaches photography and film development to anyone who would like to learn. I don’t know where exactly it is in Amherst, but I got their web site: it’s The name of the place is Photo Retro. Just thought you’d be interested.

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