Photo a Day/Lunchtime Pics

I took my Z5 upstairs at lunch time to see what was going on. I also tried to guilt myself into playing guitar tonight by taking a picture of my amplifier… again. Weird how that never works, yet I keep doing it.

I assume the crap on the floor is because Lily put it there. She’s kind of a menace.
Robin napping on Harry’s bed.

Still Going

The RPM Challenge is over, but I still managed to play some guitar today. I’m up to three new song ideas. I was thinking of trying to do two songs per month for the rest of the year, but I just had to keep going today. I don’t think I am going to do 10 songs in March, but will I? Who knows. It’s just good to play.


Tracking is Done

I have finished all of the tracking for this year’s RPM Challenge. I added really crappy lead guitar parts to the last two songs and I am done with the recording. Finished, babie!

181/365. The focus point is on the pickup switch, I think.
The focus point is on Baby Yoda, babie!
The focus point is the word “Fender” on the amplifier.
The focus point is on the guitar, which I think was pretty obvious.


I’ve already mentioned putting vocals on four songs this morning, and I’ve already posted two songs that I mixed today, but now I am posting about putting lead guitar parts onto four songs. My fingers are killing me. I still don’t have calluses on my left hand and good heavens am I feeling the repercussions of that right now. I still have four more songs that are ready for leads but I have to take a break for a while. Maybe for the rest of the day. Jen and I might be going down to Cambridge for some tech gear after dinner tonight, so this might be it for guitar on this fine Saturday. I still have to write melodies and lyrics for the last four songs as well.

Soooo much left to do.

Baby Yoda? That’s Grogu to you, punk.

Film vs Digital Exercise

I did this recently and today I did it again, while suffering through stomach pain because I don’t know how to eat food anymore.

I put my DSLR onto the tripod, set the ISO to as close as I could get to the new roll of film, zoomed in to a point that is similar to the lens currently on Dad’s camera, used the light meter on my iPhone and set the aperture and shutter speed manually, manually focused while basically laying on the ground (I’m tall), and took a picture.


Then I put the DSLR away and did all of the same steps with Dad’s film camera. Assuming I didn’t mangle the film while struggling to load the camera earlier today, then I have one picture down and 35 to go.

Some day in the distant future I will get this new roll developed and then I will compare the results. the focal length won’t be the same because the lenses don’t match up exactly, and the ISO on the film is 100 and my DSLR only goes down to 200 so really the two pics won’t have much of anything to do with each other… but so what.

I did notice that even with the aperture set the same, the depth of field was massively different. I couldn’t get the guitar and the amp both into focus with Dad’s camera so I focused on the guitar. We’ll see if it comes out… someday.

Also, just to note, I had to move my guitar nook to the other side of my office because of something to do with work that I don’t want to mention. This is how it looks now.


Digital vs Film

I did a little comparison experiment today. Just cause.

I took this picture of me gitter using my DSLR. I set the ISO as low as it goes, put the camera on my broken tripod (it doesn’t tilt) with the legs closed all the way because otherwise I would have had a picture of the wall above the top of me gitter. I then used the light meter on my iPhone to figure out the aperture and shutter speed, used the auto focus and snapped.

I then put Dad’s film camera on the tripod and did the same. The ISO of the film in the camera is 100, which is lower than the DSLR goes so it’s not an exact duplicate test. I did set the aperture the same on both cameras but the shutter speed was a smidge lower on the film version. I manually focused and compared the light meter in the camera to the app and they were very similar. I then snapped the pic. The shutter was open for one second but it felt like 15 years.

Someday I will get the roll of film developed and in theory I will compare the two images. I say in theory because I can pretty much guarantee I’ll forget all about this by then and will never compare them at all. Oh well. I have a photo for the photo a day thing though, so that’s good.

70/365… a smidge over exposed?

Music… Finally


It’s been almost two months since the last time I played guitar. I’ve been so wrapped up in rediscovering my camera obsession that I’ve nearly forgotten about my guitar obsession.

Now that the weather is starting to get cold and I’m running out of places I want to try to take pictures, it’s time to dive back into the music. With five days left in September, I am clearly not going to pull off an album this month. I might pull off a single though. I wrote two really simple song ideas today. Music will happen, if it kills me.

Given the situation though, it might be safe to expect the bombardment of post-playing guitar pictures will be from the DSLR so the image quality (though not the megapixel count) could be improved. Here’s hoping, at least.