Guitar Nook II Yet Again

I should add a poll asking if readers care about any of this stuff but I won’t so neener neener and stuff.

I haven’t really dug into the Lizardfish gig bag since I packed up after the last gig. When I set up the original recording nook in the bedroom I bought new mics and cables thinking the gig bag would soon go back to Mike the Bass Players house. Here we are 23 months later and I really don’t remember what I have available.

Well, lots. Three guitar cables came out of the bag (one to go from guitar to the board, another to go from board to amp, and one more for luck). Also two mic cables (one for each amp, assuming I go back to a two amp set up) and three microphones. Two Shure SM57’s (one pictured) and one Shure SM58. I think the 58 is dead though. I need to run a test.

In other words, more than enough stuff to have a permanent working space in the cellar without stealing anything from the permanent working space in the bedroom.

Why do I need two working spaces? I have no idea at all. I just feel the need for two right now.

I still haven’t set anything up yet. Tomorrow… maybe.