Bad but Good

After work today I fixed the stupid screw up of a bass guitar track (not a real bass guitar, a MIDI bass guitar played into GarageBand using the Logic Remote app on my iPhone) I mentioned in an earlier post. Dumb ass.

I expected that that would be it for music fun for me today, but then the red sea parted and I was able to sneak in about an hour of guitar playing tonight. Sweet!

The actual playing was pretty bad but the fact that I was actually playing was good. Get it?

Where do the projects stand? Well I guess I have three of them going now? Boy, that was dumb of me.

First is REM, Record Every Month. I have yet to spend even one fraction of one second thinking about this for December. Don’t worry, it’s coming… some day. HoHoHo, I guess.

Second is Quarantine Tunes Volume 5 (aka Volume 50/90 because all 10 songs were written during the 50/90 challenge this past summer). That project is hopping along. I have four songs completely finished. Two more are ready to mix, thanks to me recording bad lead guitar tracks on both of them tonight, and the last four are all ready for vocals. Four plus two plus four equals 10, right? Yeah, so that’s where this project stands.

Third is Quarantine Tunes Volume 6. I don’t know why I felt compelled to start goofing around with a song from this list before work this morning, but I did so I guess now the ball is rolling. It’s still just one song but the drums, bass, and rhythm guitars are all down and it’s ready for vocals.

So… car music tomorrow? I’ve got five songs to work with. Sounds like a plan. It depends on whether or not I can get my gigantic fat ass out of bed at a decent hour. The weather could be a factor too. It’s supposed to be pretty crappy tomorrow and if it’s too crappy I don’t want to deal with it.

So that is my musical world this evening.