Nutube: Totally Not a Gimmick

I had a little window of time in between Jen’s scheduled meetings so I snuck in some guitar tracking for the November tunes. I put rhythm on song number five and leads on songs one and two.

I am still sticking to the plan to use my little Vox MV50 Clean amp for all of November, even though it’s sitting on top of a Fender Bassbreaker 15 which at it’s worst sounds about 10000000000 times better than the little Vox dude. Still, Nutubes… The MV50’s preamp section runs on a Nutube and Nutubes totally are not a gimmick. Right? Right? I mean there are only two (maybe three, but I’m pretty sure it’s down to two) factories on Earth that still make actual vacuum tubes and if the guitar community wants to continue having that glorious tube amp sound we have to prepare ourselves for the day that we can’t get the real thing anymore… and Nutubes are as close as we can get at the moment, assuming they are not a total gimmick that is just a façade in front of a regular plain old solid state amp. So many questions… so very many questions.

Anyway, the little MV50’s are at least cute to look at, and the Nutubes give off a warm glowing blue warming glow…

Also, playing anything gives me an excuse for lame, faux artsy guitar pics. Today we made use of the iPhone’s portrait mode. Like a telephone photography boss.

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