Nana Sitting Again

My sister isn’t available this week so it’s just me and my brother alternating nights. I have tonight and Saturday night to go before she comes back and we return to the once every third night rotation. Hopefully not for much longer, but I still don’t know.

My brother, John, said last night was really bad. It sounded like it was as bad as it gets. I’ve only been here for an hour and so far so good. Not that that matters. When it goes bad it always comes out of the blue. Wish me luck.

I’m hoping to mix a song or two tonight while pretending to watch the Red Sox and the Yankees. No score in the second. I just gave my mother her dinner, and the meds come in about half an hour. Hopefully I’ll get some work done after that.

Fingers crossed for a night that is quiet health wise, yet noisy and rocking (in headphones) 50/90 wise, and victorious Red Sox-wise.

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