Things Not to Do Tomorrow

I have four songs ready for vocals. I should do car music tomorrow! I am working from home and not going to my parents until around dinner time. Tomorrow’s the perfect day!

Except for that whole tropical storm that’s supposed to hit us in the morning.

Yeah, I am not going to do car music in the middle of Elsa the Tropical Storm.

<prepare yourself for Robert your Narrator to make a Dad Joke that I am positive everyone on the Eastern coast of the United States of America has already made. Sorry… can’t resist this one>

Elsa just needs to let it go.

<GET IT??????>

I need mental help. Get me on Prozac, STAT! Is Prozac even still a thing?

So I was working on a little ditty in GarageBand just now and the cat jumped up on my desk and somehow manage, with one swipe of her paw on the trackpad, shuffle around two segments of the song and also paste a couple of new notes into the bass line.

Really, cat?

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