Elsa Watch

We’re supposed to get hit with the tail end of a tropical storm today. Elsa. Insert Disney jokes here. Disney loving cosplayers up and down the East coast must be loving this today.

The rain is supposed to be heavy. The Dark Sky app just gave me a flash flood warning. Hooray. It has been raining pretty heavily off and on for a couple of weeks now and we started seeing some water seeping into the cellar by the end of last week. It’s not a lot. We get a puddle along one wall and it spills out into what’s left of the finished basement a little. I clean it up, check in a few hours later and it’s back. Now having a tropical storm hit us on top of that? Shit.

The storm is supposed to be over by late afternoon. I’ll keep an eye on things. The dehumidifier is running full blast but it’s filling up pretty quickly. The wet vac is on standby. I’ll probably have to empty it soon. I’ve actually been dumping the dehumidifier into it so that I only have to carry one thing outside.

Wish us luck.

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