Patiently Waiting

Here I sit, patiently waiting…

Patiently waiting for the severe thunderstorm to wipe us off the map.

Patiently waiting for my mother’s pain issues to come out and play for the night. She has already shown the initial signs.

Patiently waiting for Covid to go away so that we can go on vacation. Jen and I had a precious few minutes together after work and before I had to leave and we spent it watching a Disney World youtube channel. I wanna travel again.

Patiently waiting to go home, but I’ve got about 22 hours or so before that happens.

Okay, it’s time for the 8:00 o’clock pills. I’ll check in again later. Happy trails.

Nana Shift

Here I am at my parents house again. Another Nana Sitting Shift. Today was a bit of a crazy day. I failed to complete either of the top two items on my to do list at work, but I managed to earn a save on another issue, and two of my staff members were able to show off a bit in front of a larger audience. It turned out to be a pretty good day.

My mother is dealing with some pain tonight but as of right now she’s managing. Pain meds are still about 40 minutes away. We’re trying to make it that long without any approved supplemental meds. Fingers crossed.

I was thinking about watching the Red Sox tonight. I can’t though because they are in a rain delay. Why? Because we live in a region whose climate has become rain twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. I thought climate change was going to raise the sea level high enough to drown us, but instead it’s just going to be rain that offs us.

I would like to mix a song or two tonight if I can, but I might just search Netflix for a movie or something. I’m still undecided. I’ll wait until after the 8:00pm meds.

Fingers crossed for a quiet night.

Oh Look, It’s Raning AGain

I am so sick of rain. So sick of rain. So sick of rain.

I’m sure there have been days this month that didn’t rain, but there has been so much of it that I can’t remember a time in human history when it didn’t rain a least a few minutes a day. It just never stops. We went out last night with one of Jen’s coworkers and his wife and we were supposed to sit outside like good Covid-19 fighters, but no. It rained. Of course it rained. Last night while we slept it poured. It’s pouring out now. I had to be at my mother’s house by 7:00am for an extended nana sitting (7:00am Monday to around 6:30-7:00pm Tuesday… yikes) but before I could leave I had to wet-vac up the latest day’s worth of cellar puddle after the latest round of rain.

I am so sick of rain.

Elsa Watch

We’re supposed to get hit with the tail end of a tropical storm today. Elsa. Insert Disney jokes here. Disney loving cosplayers up and down the East coast must be loving this today.

The rain is supposed to be heavy. The Dark Sky app just gave me a flash flood warning. Hooray. It has been raining pretty heavily off and on for a couple of weeks now and we started seeing some water seeping into the cellar by the end of last week. It’s not a lot. We get a puddle along one wall and it spills out into what’s left of the finished basement a little. I clean it up, check in a few hours later and it’s back. Now having a tropical storm hit us on top of that? Shit.

The storm is supposed to be over by late afternoon. I’ll keep an eye on things. The dehumidifier is running full blast but it’s filling up pretty quickly. The wet vac is on standby. I’ll probably have to empty it soon. I’ve actually been dumping the dehumidifier into it so that I only have to carry one thing outside.

Wish us luck.

Lunch Break

I’m on my lunch break. I started a little late today due to a conference call. No big deal. All good news. The last few days at work have felt a little like I am stuck in a time loop. My own personal Groundhog’s Day, if you will. It’s weird. I feel like I am getting the same questions and looking at the same functionality over and over again. We wrap it all up at the end of the day and then are asked to work on it again the next day. It’s very weird.

What else is going on?

Stanley Cup Final game #3 tonight. They are playing in the lion’s den for the first time. Montreal. The home of the most evil hockey team in all of hockey. Tampa Bay cannot take their foot off of the metaphorical gas. The universe demands Tampa Bay win, and the universe is optimistic that they will win in a sweep. I don’t know if I am going to be able to watch any of it tonight. We’ll see. I will definitely be following the score.

We’ve had a ton of rain over the last couple of days. We have a little water in the cellar. Not much. Just a little. I still haven’t shared our basement 2020/21 nightmare yet, and I probably won’t at this point, but suffice to say that getting a little water in the cellar is triggering me like you wouldn’t believe. It’s not PTSD, as I would never insult someone who actually experiences PTSD by equating my current state with theirs, but seeing that water on the floor was a kick in the pants, believe me.

One final question before I get back to work. Would you consider people who work at amusement parks to be carnies? I’m not talking about a traveling fair or anything like that. I’m talking about a stationary amusement park. I don’t think you would call people in that profession carnies, but the 15 seconds worth of Googling I did failed to give me a definite answer. It failed to give me any answer.

Okay, back to work.


Monday…. ugh… another Monday.

A full five day work week this week, then a three day work week next week and then Thanksgiving. So close, yet so far away.

I coulda sworn I heard something big fall during the storm last night. I took a look outside today and couldn’t see anything. Either I didn’t hear what I thought I heard, or it was just a lot deeper in the woods than it sounded. No big deal, all is well.

I might be in for a difficult day on the intermittent fasting front. Let me tell you the story. I mentioned our pizza lunch. When dinner time came neither of us was hungry so we both just made something small. I was done eating by about 6:00. After that I played guitar for an hour or so. Then Jen and I did a big chunk of our 30 minute workout together. After that I played guitar a little more. When I was done I started getting my iPad ready to watch the double shot of Walking Dead spin offs, and was about to do the last few minutes of my workout. That’s when I realized it was 8:55.

I only had five minutes to eat before the fast started and I hadn’t eaten in almost three hours. I was looking at 19 hours without food. Crap. I grabbed a handful of crackers and scarfed them down. It didn’t matter. By 10:00 I was already feeling hungry. Today is going to be tough. Four hours and 15 minutes to go.

Okay, off to work. Wish me luck.


We just had a pretty heavy wind and rain storm come roaring through our neighborhood. I’m pretty sure I heard a tree limb crack and come down, but there’s nothing I can see out of the front of house windows.

Remind me to check in the morning.