Thursday Night

I’m Nana sitting tonight. She seems okay, but she’s up and about and usually when she’s up an about around 10:00 it’s because she’s having a rough time. We’ll see.

I’ve watched two episodes of Black Summer. So far season two holds with the better episodes from season one. No clue what’s going on. Characters have names but I have no idea what they are. Zero character development, zero actual story, just segment after segment of super intensity. It’s stressful. I wish the episodes were shorter. You need a break from the tension, you know?

Tonight is game six of the Montreal vs Vegas playoff series. The Canadiens are up 3-2 in the series and up 2-1 in the game. If ever there was a time for Vegas to morph into the greatest hockey team ever, now is the time. The Canadiens cannot advance. They. Cannot. Advance. Come on, Vegas. Get your shit together.

I’ve been flipping back and forth between the hockey game and the Red Sox vs Rays game. No score in the bottom of the seventh and the Rays are threatening. I am not sure what the story was, but Nick Pivetta had a no hitter going in the bottom of the sixth and they relieved him with two outs and one on (via an error). What was the deal with that? Was he hurt? Was he on a pitch count? What the hell, bro?

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