MLB Wild Card Round

I wasn’t going to make any predictions for the MLB postseason this year. I’m just too out of touch, thanks to how terrible the Red Sox were. At lunch today though I read an article about the wild card round and… what the hell.

Let’s not call these predictions, let’s just call them the team I am rooting for in each series. Does that work for everyone?

American League Wild Card Round:

  • No. 6 Rays at No. 3 Guardians
    • There is no way in hell I am rooting for an American League East team. Let’s go Guardians.
  • No. 5 Mariners at No. 4 Blue Jays
    • There is no way in hell I am rooting for an American League East team. Let’s go Mariners

National League Wild Card Round:

  • No. 6 Phillies at No. 3 Cardinals
    • The Phillies were the first little league team I ever played for, back when I was eight years old. The Cardinals beat the Red Sox in the World Series in 1946 and 1967 before we spanked their asses in 2004. I traditionally hate the Cardinals, but this year… Albert Pujols’ last hurrah? Yeah, I am rooting for the Cardinals. Sorry, Phillies. Nothing personal.
  • No. 5 Padres at No. 4 Mets
    • Oh how I hate New York sports teams. Do you think I’ve forgotten about 1986? Oh no, I have not forgotten. Also, San Diego is like my second favorite US city. I’m rooting for the Pardres.

There you have it. My stupid picks for the first round of the playoffs. The Bruins season opens next week. Let’s go Bruins.

Game Seven

We are just a few minutes away from game seven of the Bruins first round series against the whalers.

The home team has won every game this round. We need that to change tonight as we are the road team.

There is no reason the Bruins can’t win this one. It’s been an even series, but I’ve got a good feeling today. Cautious optimism and everything.

Go Bruins!

Two Goal Lead

The Bruins have a two goal lead after two periods. I’ve been watching the game out of the corner of my eye, and it sure looked like the Whalers carried the play for most of the second period. Here’s hoping the Bruins hang on.

Patches looks nervous, but the Bruins are in a good spot going into the third.

Must Win

The Bruins are playing a must win game six. It’s win or go home. There is no score after one period. The home team won each of the first five games. We need that trend to continue.

Come on, Bruins. Let’s get it done.

What’s Up With the Bruins?

I’ve been busy with other things the last few days and I haven’t really kept tabs on the Bruins

So what the hell? They lost games one and two. When I started writing this they were losing in game three too, but they just tied it.

The two losses were bad, but they were on the road. They need to win tonight. They need to.

Come on Bruins, let’s straighten this out.


For your Information:

Do you realize the NHL playoffs start in about an hour an a half? The post season kicks off with the Bruins and the Carolina Hartford Whalers Hurricanes*. Game one starts at 7:00**PM in whatever North Carolina city passes for Hartford these days.

All together now… Go Bruins!

*The NHL schedule says 7:00PM so, what… 7:35? 7:40? Whatever.

**No, I will not stop making smart*** ass Whaler cracks at the Hurricanes. I don’t care how much you beg me to stop, I will never stop.


NHL Thanksgiving

The traditional belief around the NHL is if your team is in a playoff spot on US Thanksgiving then there is a very good chance they will still be holding a playoff spot when the regular season ends.

Thanksgiving day (US) is therefore thought of as a sort of magical day.

At this moment, with Thanksgiving mere minutes (90, to be exact) away, the Boston Bruins are two points out of the second wild card spot in the East.


World Series

The Braves have a 5-0 lead over the Astros in the third inning of game one. I’m not watching, I just checked the MLB app.

When I was younger I used to want to see a Red Sox vs Braves World Series match up. Current Boston vs used-to-be Boston, get it? This year is as close as we’ve come.

I want the Astros to lose, but I want the Braves to lose too. That probably means I won’t be watching.

Oh well.

Heading into the Eighth

Heading into the top of the eighth, we are still down 2-0. What a frustrating game!

They ran themselves out of a promising inning in the seventh. Two on and one out and the inning ended on a strike out/caught stealing double play. It was awful.

Two innings to go. Come on Red Sox bats, wake up!