Not the Best Day

I did a lot of work around the house today. I haven’t had a day like this in a while and it hurt. My back hurt and my legs hurt and my arms hurt and my me hurt. My general outlook on life hurt too and I was grumpy and snarky and pissy and not very fun to be around. Jen was the only person I saw all day long so I apologize to her for being an ass. Sorry, sweetie. I wasn’t being a schmuck on purpose, but I was definitely being a schmuck and I’m sorry.

Karma kinda kicked me in the dick in response. It’s Nana Sitting night tonight and I got stuck behind a train in Tewksbury. At first I was on East Street and it was a massive freight train crossing the street at the Demoulas warehouse. Shit. Those trains can stop traffic forever. I was pretty sure the same train track crossed Shawsheen Street but I figured I’d double back and check for sure. Yup, I got stopped by the same train on a different road.

I thought about getting back on route 93 and heading South one exit, but that would potentially hit the same train on Salem Road (probably not, but I didn’t want to get stuck that far away from my mother’s house). I thought about going North one exit and getting off at route 133 in Andover. Yeah, that’s the way to go. But then I thought, why not jump onto Frontage road and go around that way? Frontage to Osgood to Blanchard to Pinnacle and… I hit the train again. DAMN IT.

Third time was the charm. I sat there and waited it out. Friggin’ train.

My mother was asleep when I got here, around 6:30. I had to wake her up for her 8:00 pills. Here’s hoping she has a better night than the last time I was here.

I’m watching game one of the Tampa Bay vs Florida playoff series. Pretty good game so far, about one period in. I think at 9:00 I will switch over to the train wreck that is Fear the Walking Dead. I wonder how they’ll try to top the still born baby shit from last week.

I’ve been playing loose with the intermittent fasting rules. Starting late and ending early. This week is going to be a shit show of crazy busy insanity. I’m considering the possibility of blowing off the whole process for a few days. There are some early morning things in the works this week that are going to benefit from a great big breakfast, not to mention buckets of morning caffeine. I’ll share the details when they happen.

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