I took today’s photo a day pic while stuck in soul crushing traffic on route 128. Graduation Duck used to face the road ahead. When did it turn around and face me? Creepy ass duck.


Turkey? No. Traffic Jam? Yes

Well that was a kick in the scrotum.

No turkey for me. They closed down the gift distribution system at 2:00 without ever telling us whether the small turkeys had arrived or not. I take that to mean they did not. If they tell us to come in another day to pick up our turkeys I am going to blow it off. Any unclaimed gifts get donated to a shelter, so that works for me. I really love me some xmas turkey though. I’m a little ticked off. Hooray.

What was even better? I left the office at 2:00pm. Waze told me I would be home by 2:45. Well, 2:58 is what it ended up being. You see, I hit me a traffic jam on route 93 North. Yup, pre-3:00pm traffic jams. Oh yeah. The accident I was stuck behind wasn’t the cause of the traffic, it was a symptom of it. Hooray.

I tried blindly taking a picture for my photo a day thing as I was crossing the Merrimack River. All I got was the upper left corner of my passenger door frame. Oh well. Hooray.

That was Fun

I drove to Cambridge and back tonight. Three hours. I lost count of how many accidents I got stuck behind. Two of them temporarily closed the road I was on. One of those roads was Storrow Drive. Another was route 93. Hooray.

I took pictures from the car while I was stopped. They are kinda funny.


There were more, but they were even more awfuller. Oh well. At least I’m home. It’s 9:23 and now I can eat dinner. Hooray.

I Don’t Wanna Go

I have to go to the office tomorrow. Ugh. I don’t wanna go. I know I say that every time I go into the office, but it’s true. One epic side effect of the Covid-19 pandemic is me being a full on work-from-home guy. I need to pack up my computer, pack a lunch, get my shit together, get up early, do my exercises, and leave early enough to get there even through an hour or so of gridlocked traffic.

Yeah, I am a telecommuter to the core now. I don’t wanna go to the office.

In the Office Again

Here we are, in the office in Westwood again. We come in once a month, the whole group on the same day. It doesn’t really make sense from a Covid perspective, but that’s the situation we’re in now.

Traffic was bad, but not remarkably bad. Just normal bad. There seemed to be an overabundance of stupid people on the road. That was interesting and rather awful, but unfortunately not too out of the ordinary.

My wedding ring almost fell off while I was unloading my backpack. That does it. I have to go and get it resized. This weekend, assuming my jewelry shop of choice is open this weekend. I have to check on that. I want to bring it to the same shop we bought it from in 2009. That seems like the right thing to do. If they aren’t available I’ll go somewhere else, but they are still my first choice.

Back when we had the cellar remodeled I broke the hose that vents the dryer. We had to have someone come in and replace it. Apparently they put too many twists and turns into it when they installed the new one and now we’re getting errors triggered by the flow sensor. Urgh. I will try to hook up a shorter hose that goes straight to the vent in the wall. Something else I need to do this weekend. I feel like it’s going to be a busy one.

Okay, let’s get to work. Lots of meetings today. Fun fun fun. I miss Jen.

In the Office

We’re in the office today. I’ve already had two meetings (successfully). Only five more to go today.

Traffic was okay. It took a little more than an hour to go 40 miles. Not as bad as it often is. We’ll see how things look on the way home this evening.

Fingers crossed for a quiet day. I want to get home and see my love. We’re so used to remote work meaning that we can just walk to the next room and say hi that it really blows when that’s not possible.

Oh well. Happy Tuesday.

Come Home Already

I made it home from the office pretty easily. There was a little traffic jam in Waltham, but nothing too bad. It took me about an hour to get home.

I had dinner. 4.6 oz of roast beef. After 2.6 ounces I stopped. I’m not sure why. I was still hungry, I wasn’t feeling any nausea, it tasted good. I just needed to stop. I had a little sugar free pudding to try and fill my tiny new stomach, but I’m still a little hungry. I am not sure what happened. We’ll keep an eye out for any future occurances.

Bellana went to her dad’s house for a bit this evening. We are waiting for her to come home so we can watch the 1st season finale of Stranger Things. Bellana has seen all of season four so far. I was going to start watching it over the weekend, but Jen had never seen any of it and Bellana talked her into giving it a try. So Jen and I are watching it together. We burned through the first seven episodes in two sittings. I think my beautiful bride might be enjoying the show.

Okay, Bellana is almost home. Time to watch some tube.

In the Office: July Edition

I am in the office in Westwood today. Jen took the day off to hang out with Bellana, but I had to go into the office. Covid is surging, so let’s all get together. End Rant.

The last time I came here I forgot my headphones and it was borderline nightmarish. I did not forget my headphones today. Thank The Force for that one. No, today I forgot my Thursday pill caddie. I guess I am taking my lunchtime vitamins at dinner, and my dinner vitamins before bed. It’s okay. It won’t be the first time.

The real downside today was the traffic. A year ago, when we first started experimenting with coming into the office, much of the world was still locking down and there wasn’t a lot of traffic. Not so today. I got in the car at 7:30 and Waze told me I’d get to my destination at 8:50. I actually got here at 8:48, which is nice but still really crappy. There were traffic jams everywhere. My favorite one was right at the spot where I first pull onto the highway. It really set the mood for the drive.

Absent Minded Doofus

I am in the office today. It’s the first time since before the surgery. The traffic was really bad. Another sign that the pandemic is over, even though people are still getting sick in droves. Hooray.

I was 10 miles down route 93 before I realized that I forgot my headphones. Damn it! Fortunately I had an old set of ear pods in my desk, so we’re good to go for today but… dumb ass.

It’s my first attempt at monitoring liquid and protein intake from outside of the house for a full work day. I will also be taking my meds (just vitamins, actually) at work today too. What could go wrong?