Finally Played

It’s been like three weeks since the last time I played my guitar. Finally, I got back to it tonight. Therapy… it is definitely therapy.

I used my new Speaker Soak/Attenuator thing with my huge amp for the first time. You need to turn it WAY down in order to tame the volume enough to really crank the amp without instantly going deaf. It sounded good. A little squishy and compressed, but I only turned the volume up to about eight on the 30 watt channel. I liked it. I recorded rhythm guitars for two songs, just to have something to mess with. The first song was just guitar and nearly cranked amp. The second used the Ryra the Klone as a boost to get a little more overdrive. I liked both sounds. Also of note, the 30 watt channel is usually super trebly, but with the attenuator down low and the volume up high it sounded much better. Granted, the treble knob was on about two and the bass and mids knobs were dimed. Still. Pretty cool.

Dig those glowing vacuum tubes. World War II tech at it’s finest.

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