A Covid-19 Lock Down First

I’ve worked on various monthly music goofiness before starting work many, many, many times since the Covid shut down started back in March. Today was the first time I worked on a monthly music goofy by recording guitar parts. I was playing guitar by 8:20am. I could deal with more of that.

My wife is off work today and the kids are at their dad’s until later tonight so I was in the clear as far as not annoying someone who is working or schooling or sleeping. I only had time to put leads onto two songs, but one of them has guitarmonies. I wasn’t planning on it, I just did it. Noice. I also brought out my recently acquired Bluesbreaker clone and paired it up with my Klon KTR. It sounds good, but it just doesn’t have the balls that the OCD clone has. I’m not sure how long I’ll keep it on the board.

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