Weekend Wrap Up

On Saturday I posted my to do list for the weekend. How’d I do?

  • Wrap Christmas Presents. I only have one person’s gifts left to wrap.
    • Every Christmas present I had in the house that was not wrapped is now wrapped. I’m still waiting on a couple of deliveries, but that’s not a big deal. Almost done!
  • Do Christmasy things with the whole family, specifically we need to watch Elf.
    • Oh hells yes. Elf, Polar Express, Christmasy stuff all over the place. WOOHOO!
  • This is a late arrival to the list but I am going to help Jen make a shit ton of cookies. Hell yes.
    • So many cookies were baked. So many delicious cookies. I’ve done a decent job not devouring all of them, but I doubt my will power is going to hold out for very much longer.
    • Holy crap! 48 hours ago the December music was nine songs, seven of which had rhythm guitars. That’s it. Now? 10 songs, all of the rhythm guitars are done, all of the lyrics and melodies are done, eight of the songs have vocals done, two of the songs have all of the tracking done, and one of them is mixed. I did a car music yesterday, and another today, and I’ll need one more tomorrow. December music is suddenly on fire.

So there we have it. My weekend to do list may have been short, but it’s complete. Big time complete. I like it when a plan comes together. Now we just have three work days, and a Christmas Eve to go before our first and hopefully last ever Covid-19 Christmas. Here’s hoping the little bastard goes down in history as a unique little blip on the universe. HoHoHo.

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