I put vocals on five songs this morning. Two new ones and three re-recordings. This afternoon I put lead guitars on four of them. I decided a few days ago that I was going to stop using my ES-335 and use my SG instead. The 335 (and the Les Paul) is over 40 years old and best I can tell it’s never had a fret replacement. The SG is two years old. It’s all original. What’s that mean?

The frets on the 335 are old and worn. I’m going to have to have them replaced… soon… as well as all of the wiring and all of the pots. I’ve written about that a few times before. The frets on the SG aren’t worn at all, not even a little bit. What’s that mean?

Ouch, is what it means. Worn frets are lower and closer to the fretboard then non-worn frets. That means they are a lot easier on the fingers when you’re sliding around like a madman. Today, on the non-worn SG’s frets, I was sliding around like a madman for an hour and a half. What I thought were pretty decent sized calluses on my left hand turned out to not be that thick after all. A couple more rounds of me ripping my finger tips to shreds like I did today will fix that.


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