That Didn’t Hurt Too Much

The guitar was played tonight. I put rhythm parts onto four 50/90 songs. There was a little pain. Nothing too bad. There’s this thing where my thumb won’t bend at the knuckle. The doctor told me that my tendon is swollen and it gets caught on the bone. It hurts a little but it’s more unsettling when it happens than painful. It happened a couple of times while I was playing. The best way to describe the sensation is… icky.

I didn’t play anything challenging. It was all simple power chord riffy stuff, but it was still nice to not be in pain when I was expecting to be in pain, ya know?

Picture #1… please make a note of the bitchin’ DIY amp stand the Fender is sitting on.


Picture #2… it’s really muggy today. I was sweating, and my right arm was rubbing against the body of the guitar. See the sweaty smudge? That’s about 75% Calamine Lotion.

Picture #3… I usually keep the blinds closed on the window in my little practice nook. There was a thunderstorm today when I was setting up my stuff so I opened them. Wouldn’t you know it, I did so just in time to see a house down the street loading up to go to a wedding. How awesome was that? I mean… how do you have a big wedding ceremony and reception while maintaining social distance, I don’t know… but it’s still beautiful.

There was a wedding down the street, a quarantine-wedding.