Look at me with pedals on the floor like some kind of freakin’ amateur.

Two songs were added to the 50/90 pipeline this morning. That makes eight, all with rhythm guitars recorded. I’m going lo-fi this time, sort of like I did back in March. No doubling. This time I have two amps though so I can pan one left and one right and still keep the bass in the middle. Fascinating.

I have also finished tracking volume 1 of the Great 2015 Re-Recording Project. I put the lead guitars onto the last of the eight songs. It only took five years! I’ll try to mix it tonight, but a crappy night’s sleep last night might get in the way of that.

Most important, my new Crybaby wah pedal is working. It wasn’t for the last couple of days. I thought I broke the switch. It worked fine when it was on, but when it was “off” the wah was still engaged, there was just maybe 1% of the signal coming through. I took it off the board on Thursday so I could get some work done. Today I put a battery in it (because when I tried to power it with my daisy chain it sounded awful) and messed with it.

The problem was still there. I remembered that there’s a switch inside to change from true bypass to buffered bypass. I figured since the bypass is the problem, maybe I could change that? Nope, didn’t fix it. I kept the buffer on. I know buffers are like bad words to most guitar gear nerds, but I prefer the way the wah sounds when there’s a buffer in the signal. What can you do.

So it’s not the bypass, maybe it is the switch? I flipped it a few times with my hand, maybe it’s stuck on something? Worst case scenario is I send it back to get it fixed and probably also buy something a little meatier than a Dunlop. Something boutique and expensive. I don’t know… that switch… One more try… I stomped on the pedal… really hard. Problem solved. Oh jeeze, Edith.