I had a shitty night’s sleep last night.  I went to bed early but I kept waking up.  My back was sore and I couldn’t get comfortable.  The numbers I got from my watch this morning showed that my sleep was okay but nothing special.  I was really tired when I first got up but I’ve felt a little better as the day rolled on.  I just ate my lunch so I’m feeling sleepy again.

I’ve read that trouble sleeping can be a side effect of all the stress from the social distance.  I’ll buy that, but I don’t think that’s my current problem.  I think I just sometimes have a little back pain.  My stress issue is stress eating but I’m not going to stress over that right now.

Its been warm enough the last couple of days to open a window in the office.  That has felt great.  It’s too cold today though and that’s bumming me out.  We’ve got cold and rain in the forecast for the next few days.  Again, major bumming out.  I needs me some Springtime right now.  I ordered some screens for our bedroom windows.  I can’t wait for a warm, breezy night when we can sleep with the windows open.  It’s going to be bliss.

Nice weather would go a long way toward making the whole COVID-19 thing a little more tolerable, don’t you think?

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