Stay Up

Jen has to stay up a little late. I’m trying to stay up with her but I can’t do it. It makes me sad.

I’m also starting a new mask and filter in Mr CPAP machine so once I Konk out I’ll maybe stay out for hours.

Look at me, letting everyone down again.

Crappy Sleep and Personal Time

My CPAP machine pissed me right off last night. I went to bed at 11:00 and then woke up a little before 2:00am with the mask sliding all over my damn face and leaking like a… like a… like a something that leaks a lot, I don’t know. I sat up and screwed around with all of the harness straps and stuff and eventually was able to get back to sleep.

How much does it suck when the thing that is supposed to help you sleep stops you from sleeping? It sucks a lot.

Change of subject…

When the hell am I going to use all of this time off? My company changed the way they dish out time off, including taking a bunch of holidays that we used to have off and turning them into floating holidays and rolling that together with the couple of personal days and the huge pile of vacation days and renaming it all Personal Time Off. We accrue x number of hours each month and there is a cap on how much we can carry before we stop accruing more.

The good news is that we get a shit load of personal time off. The bad news is we actually have to use it if we want to keep getting more. Oh, the webs we weave. I am about a minute below the cap right now so I have to use some time this month… and next month… and every month. That’s a good thing, but it’s also a logistical struggle, you know? Times are tough. Anyway, what I really need to do is take a week off and get the accrual down a bit so I have some breathing room. Good idea! But when? The best time would be a time when kids are here. Bellana won’t be home for months because she’s going to be in Europe for the next semester. Harry will come home on breaks. Good idea! When is the next break? March 7-11! I’ll put in for that week!

I love it when a plan comes together.

Forgetful Doofus

Every few months I get a package in the mail with replacement parts for my CPAP machine. Masks, filters, hoses, harnesses, and sometimes water tanks. I should swap out parts more often than I do, but instead I tend to use each component for longer than expected and I end up not using all of each month’s delivery.

Over the last week or so I have been wanting to update everything, but I knew a delivery was coming soon and I decided to wait. It finally came two days ago and tonight I got around to swapping out parts. That’s when I realized what a forgetful doofus I am.

I keep all of the unused items in my closet. I figured I’d take what I could from the last box before using anything from the new box. I took the box off the top of the closet. It had a harness with a mask and a bunch of filters. Okay, that’s a good start. That’s when I noticed there was another box. Not the latest shipment, but the previous shipment. I hadn’t opened it yet. Ugh, really? I had a full box of parts sitting in the closet and I still waited for a new box to be delivered? What a moron.

So now the box from two deliveries back is empty except for a few filters (which I moved to the end table next to my bed. Don’t forget that, Robert. The next time you swap a filter you don’t have to go into the closet. Remember, you absent minded putz). The box from one delivery back is open and available for use. There is a hose in there and a few masks and another harness. The delivery from this week is in the closet now too, and it’s still unopened.

The machine now has a new filter, a new mask, a new harness, a new hose, and a new tank. Literally everything that can be changed has been changed.

Stop being so damn forgetful and start replacing parts more often. It’s nice that I clean them regularly, but stop being weird about replacement parts. Just stop it. Doofus.

Back at Work/Still at Work

I stayed logged in at work until midnight last night. I sent out a note saying if you need me please call me and then I plopped my fat ass down on Harry’s bed and fell right to sleep. From about 7:00am on Saturday morning through 12:00am Monday morning on one hour and ten minutes of sleep. I honestly did not think that was physically possible. I would like to thank the academy, caffeine, Diet Pepsi, and copious amounts of adrenalin. I couldn’t have done it without you folks and I do love you all.

My watch tells me I got about 6.5 hours of sleep last night (6:25 to be exact). I did not have my CPAP machine though and it absolutely shows. I woke up three times and I don’t felt like the sleep I had was terribly restful. Granted, part of that was caffeine and another part was worrying about the customer I was working with. Still, I bet if I had that mask glued to my face I would have slept straight through. Who knows.

I just gave my boss all the news from the weekend. I told him I was putting in for tomorrow off. Yeah, you betcha.

Happy Monday, boys and girls!

Addendum: Oh, I haven’t watched last night’s episode of The Walking Dead yet. No spoilers, blah blah blah I can’t hear you blah blah blah!


I just had an unsettling parent sitting flashback. It probably has more to do with being really tired than anything else, but here’s the story…

There are exactly two drinks that I chose to drink at home. One is Diet Pepsi because regular Coca~Cola (my personal drug of choice) is the primary reason why I am as grotesquely fat as I currently am. The other is grape flavored water. We have a Poland Springs cooler which is amazing. I fill up a water bottle with spring water and then poor some of that liquid flavoring stuff into it. Fruit Punch is good. Lemonade is all right if you get the right brand. Grape flavoring rules all. Unfortunately it’s expensive and I am trying to cut down on how quickly I blow through bottles of it by just sometimes drinking plain old, boring spring water.

That’s the first back story. Here’s the second. During the parent sitting adventure I would take a water bottle full of the delicious grape flavored water. I would also bring a second water bottle, but it would not be drinking water. It would be distilled water for my CPAP machine.

(Pause for a second to check on work. I’m still working. We were supposed to start around 4:00pm on Saturday. We instead kicked off our piece of the puzzle at 11:00pm. It’s 2:10am on Sunday and I’m still going strong.)

Here’s the flashback moment. Since dinner time I have had two 32 ounce water bottles full of the delicious grape flavored spring water. I don’t think I am going to bed any time soon and I was dealing with a little dry mouth so it was time for more water. I decided to go without the grape goop this time and just have boring plain water. I wanted to use a clean bottle though so that I didn’t get that little hint of flavoring left over from the last go-round.

I went out to the kitchen and opened up the cabinet to get a new water bottle. The first one I saw is the one I used to keep the distilled water in on parent sitting nights. I saw it there on the shelf and thought that I can’t drink out of that, it’s for the CPAP machine. Woah, wait a tick. I’m not parent sitting tonight. Sure, I am overly tired and my brain is starting to slip into autopilot, but that was weird. I was 100% positive that I could not use that particular bottle because it wasn’t for drinking.

In protest against the way that the parent sitting experience made me feel I took that bottle, filled it up with clear, clean Poland Springs water, and then chugged the fucker.

(Pause to check on work again. The two current utilities are still cranking along. Good good good)

On a totally unrelated note: I finished Saturday’s 30 minutes of exercise before work took off at about 11:00. Knowing that a lot of what I am doing tonight involves kicking off programs and then waiting for them to finish, and knowing that some of them would likely run for an hour or so, I decided to start Sunday’s exercise as soon after midnight as I could. I’m already up to 21 of my 30 minutes. When one of the two programs running completes I am going to kick off another one, and after I do that I am going to walk that last nine minutes. Well, some of it at least. It would be cool to have my 30 minutes in before the sun comes up. It would not be cool to make that a regular thing, but just this once? Groovy.

CPAP Maintenance

Every time I change something on my CPAP machine I say to myself that I should note the date somewhere and keep track of how long things last.

Somehow I never do it.

Or do I? I also somehow never think to look for the notes to myself.


Hey moron, you just changed the filter and the mask. It’s 9/13/21 at 9:33pm.

Self Isolation Day Three-ish

So… what day is it today? It’s the second full day of our little self induced quarantiney thing-a-doo. Does that mean it’s day two or does Friday count as a day even though it was only a partial day? How do these things work? I’m going to call it day three. I don’t know how long it’s going to go. I don’t have the ‘rona so I am never going to get my pabst blue ribbon test results (you gotta read back a few posts to get that joke. I think I pulled it from two previous posts… sorry about that) so when am I clear to re-enter society? We’re thinking about another rapid test on Wednesday or so? If that comes back clean maybe we’re okay? Maybe another pabst blue ribbon to go along with it? I don’t know. Maybe I just stay in Harry’s room for the rest of eternity? Fun, huh?

I didn’t forget to liberate the CPAP machine last night. On Friday night I slept for four hours and 45 minutes and the restful sleep percentage was something stunningly low, like 46% or something. Last night I got seven hours of sleep and the restful sleep percentage was 71%. That’s more like it. I did wake up around 5:00am and didn’t get back to sleep until almost 6:30 so that’s a pretty colossal fail. Other than that, the sleep was pretty good. I feel almost awake now.

When I came home from my pabst blue ribbon test on Friday (that joke getting old yet?) I told my beautiful wife that I was going to need junk food to get through this. It was all like, engines full, stress eating ahead! Then last night I finished dinner before 7:00pm and didn’t have a single bite to eat afterward so I guess the stress eating commences today. I guess. I started my intermittent fast two hours early, which means I can start eating again two hours early, which means 11:00am which is 14 minutes from now so… there is likely to be a significant amount of M&M’s devoured during much of today’s weekend work day and shit.

Okay. Back to it.


The CPAP Helped

I went to bed a little before midnight last night with my alarm set for 6:00. I woke up before it went off and couldn’t fall back to sleep. I had the CPAP machine on the whole time. I figured it would help, but I was still a 6.5 foot tall guy sleeping on a two seater couch and looking like a full sized person living on dollhouse furniture. How do my sleep numbers look?

Five hours and 25 minutes of sleep.
83% of that being restful! Holy Crap, that percentage is gigantic for me!
32% Heart Rate Dip! Holy Crap, that percentage is gigantic for me!

So I guess using the machine was a good move, for last night at least. The only downside is that I had to wait an hour before I could pack it up because that’s how long it takes to upload all of the data to the server. I can deal with that.

For some reason, I cannot get to the editor on my Vivaldi browser on my work laptop. I can do it if I open a private window and re-log in, but I can’t get to it from the main window. Weird. Maybe I’ll try logging out and logging back in again.

Sunday night television… one of the infuriating things about hate watching Fear the Walking Dead is that every once in a while they put out an episode that doesn’t suck ass. Last night’s was okay, assuming you ignore the idiotic coincidence of that character meeting that other character out of the blue. For the most part it wasn’t so bad. I almost wish it had been terrible. It’s like Lucy and Charlie Brown and the football. Uh.. uh.. we’re getting good again… here it comes… we’re getting good agai… Nope. Back to the same old awful.

Okay, it’s Monday morning. I have to finish packing up the stuff I had out last night that I don’t need during work, get my mother her 8:00am pills, and punch into work.

Have a good one, folks. May your Monday not blow chunks.