The Magic Failed

Backstory: I was reading through some old blog posts the other day, playing This Day in History, and I found one where I had my step son Harry help me shovel the driveway. I made a big deal out of telling him to jump into the shower as soon as he got back inside because it would be the best shower ever. He did, and he agreed with me. Best. Shower. Ever.

Current story: We got a shit load of snow last night and it’s still coming down. I’m guessing there is at least a foot of snow, and the snow bank at the end of the driveway is probably more than double that. I went out this morning to shovel a path from the house to the street for the mailman or any potential delivery folks who might not be getting shut down for the weather. When I finished I came back inside and jumped right into the shower and….

It didn’t work. The magic is gone. I felt just as sore and awful after the shower as I did before. I’m so sad. Maybe it’s because I didn’t do the full driveway, so I didn’t qualify. Maybe it’s because I’m just too old for this shit and it takes more than a roaring hot shower to set me right again. Crud. I am sad. Sad enough that we just booked someone to come and shovel the rest of the snow later tonight. I am fail.


We didn’t get a lot of snow yesterday. It fell all day and started sticking as soon as it started, but all combined there wasn’t very much.

Unfortunately, it rained buckets before the snow, and then it rained again after the snow. The result of that is heavy, frozen solid, blocks of ice. I just finished shoveling and it was no fun at all. We’re good to go as far as walking from the house to the street goes. Obviously, thanks to Covid-19, we aren’t driving anywhere, or going anywhere, or anything.

Snow: I’m not a fan.

Why Does December Suck?

If there’s one sure fire way to ruin your Saturday plans in December it’s to have some snow drop on you.

Three guesses as to what it’s doing outside at this very moment… Go on, guess. I’ll wait.

You’re right, it’s snowing.



Monday…. ugh… another Monday.

A full five day work week this week, then a three day work week next week and then Thanksgiving. So close, yet so far away.

I coulda sworn I heard something big fall during the storm last night. I took a look outside today and couldn’t see anything. Either I didn’t hear what I thought I heard, or it was just a lot deeper in the woods than it sounded. No big deal, all is well.

I might be in for a difficult day on the intermittent fasting front. Let me tell you the story. I mentioned our pizza lunch. When dinner time came neither of us was hungry so we both just made something small. I was done eating by about 6:00. After that I played guitar for an hour or so. Then Jen and I did a big chunk of our 30 minute workout together. After that I played guitar a little more. When I was done I started getting my iPad ready to watch the double shot of Walking Dead spin offs, and was about to do the last few minutes of my workout. That’s when I realized it was 8:55.

I only had five minutes to eat before the fast started and I hadn’t eaten in almost three hours. I was looking at 19 hours without food. Crap. I grabbed a handful of crackers and scarfed them down. It didn’t matter. By 10:00 I was already feeling hungry. Today is going to be tough. Four hours and 15 minutes to go.

Okay, off to work. Wish me luck.


We just had a pretty heavy wind and rain storm come roaring through our neighborhood. I’m pretty sure I heard a tree limb crack and come down, but there’s nothing I can see out of the front of house windows.

Remind me to check in the morning.


I had a shitty night’s sleep last night.  I went to bed early but I kept waking up.  My back was sore and I couldn’t get comfortable.  The numbers I got from my watch this morning showed that my sleep was okay but nothing special.  I was really tired when I first got up but I’ve felt a little better as the day rolled on.  I just ate my lunch so I’m feeling sleepy again.

I’ve read that trouble sleeping can be a side effect of all the stress from the social distance.  I’ll buy that, but I don’t think that’s my current problem.  I think I just sometimes have a little back pain.  My stress issue is stress eating but I’m not going to stress over that right now.

Its been warm enough the last couple of days to open a window in the office.  That has felt great.  It’s too cold today though and that’s bumming me out.  We’ve got cold and rain in the forecast for the next few days.  Again, major bumming out.  I needs me some Springtime right now.  I ordered some screens for our bedroom windows.  I can’t wait for a warm, breezy night when we can sleep with the windows open.  It’s going to be bliss.

Nice weather would go a long way toward making the whole COVID-19 thing a little more tolerable, don’t you think?

Mother Nature Hates Me

I just don’t get it.  Why does Mother Nature hate me so much?

I only telecommute one day each week, and I need the time between Jen and Harry leaving for work and school and me needing to punch into work to work on vocal tracks for RPM.  I seriously bank on that time to get through a lot of what I need to get done.  It’s really important.

Last week was the first Thursday in February and it snowed.  Harry had a snow day.  No singing on mic for me.  Today is the second Thursday in February and guess what… it snowed again.  We didn’t get a whole lot but it was enough for him to get a two hour delay.

What the actual….

It’s Mother Nature screwing with me, isn’t it.  This is all about me.  Two Thursdays, two snow storms.  I hate snow!  I really need my Thursday mornings, damn it.  Knock it off!

At least today I was able to get a little recording in during lunch.  Two more songs done, both of which had been started earlier in the week.  I’ve got that going for me at least.