Mother Nature Hates Me

I just don’t get it.  Why does Mother Nature hate me so much?

I only telecommute one day each week, and I need the time between Jen and Harry leaving for work and school and me needing to punch into work to work on vocal tracks for RPM.  I seriously bank on that time to get through a lot of what I need to get done.  It’s really important.

Last week was the first Thursday in February and it snowed.  Harry had a snow day.  No singing on mic for me.  Today is the second Thursday in February and guess what… it snowed again.  We didn’t get a whole lot but it was enough for him to get a two hour delay.

What the actual….

It’s Mother Nature screwing with me, isn’t it.  This is all about me.  Two Thursdays, two snow storms.  I hate snow!  I really need my Thursday mornings, damn it.  Knock it off!

At least today I was able to get a little recording in during lunch.  Two more songs done, both of which had been started earlier in the week.  I’ve got that going for me at least.


School Wimps

I wanted to record yesterday before work but we got ~one tiny inch of snow and my step son’s school district cancelled for the day. It sucks but okay, whatever.

I was going to sneak in a little recording before work this morning, after everyone else left the house, but it’s drizzling a tiny bit so the school district set a two hour delay.

There is no ice here. There are puddles of rain water but no ice. There had better be a frozen effing tundra two towns north of here where Harry goes to school.

Screw you, school district. Stop messing with my friggin album!

Pissed Off Red Head

This is an “I’m a pissed off red head” post and it has nothing to do with Donald “Fascist Piece of Shit” Trump.

It’s March 31st.  We have a gig tomorrow, April 1st.

We’re at the start of a weather forecast that’s calling for something along the lines of 13-20 inches of snow between tonight and tomorrow.  Tomorrow morning I have to make the drive to Concord for one of the kids’ school events.  It’s a 40 minute drive without traffic.  I expect the drive to actually run around 3-4 hours.  Then I have to get home in time to load out of our rehearsal space and load into the bar and set up and soundcheck and oh my god my head is going to explode at the thought of how horrendously shitty tomorrow is going to be.

Mother nature is almost as big a piece of shit as Donald “Nazi Pile of Pig Filth” Trump.


Sunrise Chasing

Salisbury Beach in Massachusetts

I seriously want to go sunrise chasing this weekend but the damn weather isn’t going to cooperate. Salisbury Beach has mostly cloudy in the forecast for the next two days. If I go way up North to Old Orchard Beach it improves to partly cloudy, but that’s not good enough if I am going to drive an hour and a half. doesn’t have hourly forecasts for Monday morning yet, but that’s the day we’re supposed to get what’s left of Hurricane Hermine (or whatever it’s called). Maybe… maybe the storm off shore will be adequate compensation for not being able to see the sun through the clouds. Probably not. Waves are awesome, but it’s the sun breaking the water that I want.


What’s Going On?

The great Mark Twain once said:

“If you don’t like the weather in New England now, just wait a few minutes.”

Let’s recap, and then look ahead.

Sunday Morning: The temperature reached -11 degrees fahrenheit with a wind chill that brought the apparent temperature down to about -30.

Monday Night: Snow.  Not a lot, maybe 2-3 inches, but enough to cover the ground and require plows to clean up the roads.

Tuesday: The forecast calls for temperatures above 50 degrees and rain.

Yes, Mr Twain, you nailed that sucker.

I’m pretty sure mother nature is on crack.

Something About Lions

Today is March 30, 2015.  I pulled into a parking spot at work at about 8:45.  As I stepped out of the car it started to snow (I don’t thinks those two events are actually related, it was just coincidence that they happened at the same time).

Remember that old saying about weather in March?  In like a lion, out like a lamb?

Not this year.

This year it’s in like a lion, out like a slightly warmer lion.

Spring is never going to really come again, is it.  Never.  At least The Walking Dead season ended last night.  I might be able to get a good night sleep on Sundays for a while.  Then again, there is that spin off show starting in the summer.  What happens if they put that on Sunday nights too?  Uh oh.

Spring – Day Three

It’s the third day of Spring and it’s not snowing. Does that mean anything? It’s 23 degrees out and the high forecast for today is 27. So it’s not snowing, but it is fricken freezing Mr Bigglesworth.

I want warm and summer and beach and happy.