Maybe it’s Still Not Normal

Just before 9:00AM today I checked to see if my staff had all signed in to work.  One of them hadn’t.  He lives way down South of Boston.  My first thought was, traffic must be bad today.  That was followed immediately by, you idiot.

There was also a second or two this morning as I was getting ready for the day when I thought it was Thursday again.  It’s not.  It’s Wednesday.  I double checked.

So the whole social distance thing is getting more and more normal every day, but we’re still not 100% there yet.  I seem to still have some adjusting to do.

Unrelated: That last post… I proof read it twice before publishing it.  I just read it again a few minutes ago.  There are at least a couple of dumb grammar/usage errors and one I-could-blame-it-on-auto-correct-but-I-typed-it-on-an-actual-Windows-box error.


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