States Rights

In a move that flips the bird at the nazi in the white house, the Governors of New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Delaware, and Massachusetts are working together to come up with a plan to bring us back from the COVID-19 shut down.  There is a similar group forming on the west coast as well.

In response, the nazi in the white house says he has “‘total authority’ over state decisions” because he’s never read the constitution and he’s a fascist anyway so even if he had read it he wouldn’t care.

I’m a month shy of my 49th birthday.  Prior to the nazi in the white house’s inauguration in January of 2017 I was pretty much a full on Federalist.  That term doesn’t really apply anymore but it works.  I was always much more focused on issues at the Federal level than at the State level.  That isn’t to say that I ignored the goings on in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, but I just tended to look at things nationally more.

That mostly changed when fascism took over the Federal government.  Now, despite having a Republican governor, I find that I look to the state to undo a lot of the bullshit that the feds try to force on us.  This move by the governors of the Northeastern states cements my new attitude like nothing else ever could.  While the nazi in the white house stands in front of the entire world and declares that he is the head of an authoritarian regime, the individual states laugh in his idiot face.  I am so proud of my governor right now.  Granted, if he were up for re-election today I would still probably prefer to vote for a Democrat.  I have to say that he his making me happy.  Good job, Charlie.

Look at me, being all states rights and shit.

As for the presidential election.  Joe Biden was not my last choice in the primary.  Bloomberg was.  Biden would probably ahead of Gabbard too, but I’m not sure about that.  Everyone else who threw their hat into the ring was preferable to me than Joe.  I’m still going to vote for him though.  I am still going to contribute to his campaign.  I am still going to do whatever I can to get him elected, though the sexual abuse allegations need to be dealt with before he gets a dime from me.  The nazi in the white house who thinks he has total authority over the states needs to be removed from office and we sure as shit know the fascists in the senate will not do their part in that.  Whatever.

Biden said he would choose a woman as his running mate.  I am 100% behind that decision.  I wanted a woman to be president, but if I am stuck with it then I want a woman to be vice president.

Having said that… New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is currently the most presidential figure in American politics today.  When we see the nazi in the white house trying to rewrite the history of shit he pulled just last month, as if no one in American has a memory that goes back that far, what we should be seeing is someone who handles himself and the crisis the way Andrew Cuomo does.  If Joe reneges on his pledge to choose a female running mate, I hope Andrew Cuomo is who he chooses.  I still want a woman in there though.  Preferably Elizabeth Warren.  Or Kamala Harris.  Or Amy Klobuchar.

Enough politics for today.  Go wash your hands and don’t you dare come within six feet of other people.

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