I’ve never been one to claim that I have any particular rhythmic skills beyond the barest minimum, but I need to ask this question.

I’m listening to some music as I wrap up my Friday at work. Deep Purple, Made in Japan. Strange Kind of Woman is playing as I type this. It dawned on me a minute ago that I kinda type in time to the music. Not every letter, but things like space bars and returns, they tend to fall on a beat. It’s far from perfect, but it’s close enough that when I do it I notice it. Also, I think I type a little slower when slower tempo songs are playing in the background.

That’s weird, right?

Am I the only one who catches that?

Am I the only doofus?

Not-So-Happy Monthiversary

Yesterday was the 16th anniversary of my first day working for my current company. I literally cannot believe it’s been 16 years. Does not compute. Syntax Error. Core Dump. Happy Employmentiversary.

On a significantly more depressing note, today marks four months since my last day at work in the office. Four months ago today, 1/3 of a year ago, I packed up my PC and drove home and haven’t been back since.

There are rumblings about going back in September, but nothing is settled. Some folks are traveling to customer sites again, some folks are back in one of our many Massachusetts buildings. Not a lot, but some.

I looked back at some of my posts from March and April the other day and they were all talking about how none of this felt normal. Well, after four months it’s all pretty normal now. It’s all pretty routine. It’s really nice being around the kids more, and we are always having dinner as a family and all that good stuff. There’s no traffic to worry about. I still haven’t put gas into the Mazda since this all started. We’re still making the bed (most of the time) and I’m still getting up and ready for work by 7:30-40 or so. We haven’t started sleeping super late or staying up super late. We’re still being good doobees.

The stir crazy has us though. We’re thinking about trying to find a cabin or an air bnb in the mountains somewhere this weekend and seeing if we can go do all of the same shit we do at home only in a different place. Probably not going to happen, but we’ll see.

As for the state of the nation? Florida had 15,000 new cases yesterday and Disney World re-opened. Our country is a shit show of world ending proportions.

At least we’re doing the right things in this house. We’ve got that going for us. I guess.

WiFi Fail

12 weeks of everyone working and going to school from home and I never had a problem with our home network…

Until today.

I was on a video meeting with my boss and one of my staff members and I lost the network for a second. Then it recovered. It wasn’t even bad enough to kick me off the call. A minute later though, bam. Total WiFi fail. I had to pull my USB network adapter and plug it back in. That fixed the problem, but I was totally discombobulated for the rest of the meeting.

Hey network, how’s about we don’t do that again, m’kay?


As expected, today has been a bit on the crummy side. Bellana got some lucky good news, which was nice. Jen came to visit me in my office exile a couple of times. Harry came and hung out with me for a while too. All of that helped.

Patches came for a visit too, but all she did was meow a lot. At least she didn’t jump on my desk (she did that before work, but not during).


My post-work goal tonight is to cook some pork chops on the grill, maybe watch some tube with the family, and mix a May tune or two. I need to calm down tonight because tomorrow is going to suck too. You heard it here first.

Week Nine

Week Nine… I mean, come on.

Last week my company hinted that we’re going to be working from home until July at least.  In my head I was thinking July or August.  Nice that we’re on the same page.

Something I ate this morning is messing with me.  If the threat of COVID-19 isn’t enough, try throwing an upset stomach on top of the lock down.  Sucks, mate.

The temper fuses are most definitely getting shorter.  Without naming any names, I think that age has something to do with it.  The younger your general age group, the shorter the fuse and the easier it is for something innocuous to set you off.  I’m positive that it’s all ‘rona related.  No one is acting stressed out at any given time, but the overall background stress level is so insanely high that it doesn’t take much to go from casual, happy go lucky to, grrrrrrrrrr.

For me personally, I am trying to keep this in mind any time I feel my temper rising but I am doing a really awful, pathetic job regulating myself.  I’ve lost my shit over stuff that is so minor it technically doesn’t exist but I haven’t been able to stop myself.  I’ve read a comment on Facebook for something stupid and next thing I know I am out of my head with fury.

Hey Robert… lighten up, Francis.

Thursday is the two month point for me.  Saturday March 14th was my first full day after work sent us home.  Thursday is May 14th.

How ridiculous is that?

Continue to stay safe.  Continue to do the social distance.  Don’t be a dick and go out without a mask.  Don’t be a dick in general.

What is Vacation Anyway?

Jen and I both booked a vacation day for tomorrow.  All week I’ve been looking toward Friday thinking… you can do it… you can make it there.  Now, it’s also my birthday so I’m not really looking forward to that, but otherwise… yeah, get here.

But what is a vacation day anyway?  It used to be this glorious thing.  Now… it’s the same as any other day, just without the whole work thing.  On that front it’s still wonderful but we can’t really do anything special.  You can’t make any cool plans for your day off that don’t involve staying home.  We’re trying to come up with things, but most of what we have won’t happen for a couple of weeks.  Yesterday we spent my lunch hour planning major kitchen renovations.  It’s all up in the air at the moment, but it does involve hiring my step daughter to do some painting.  More to come on that.

So I just need to get through the work day today and then I can start a glorious, social distanced, long weekend.

Oh, did I mention there’s a chance Jen might be cutting my hair this weekend?  It’s going to be AWESOME!

Conference Call Upgrade

I’ve shaken up my work day routine quite a bit over the last week.  I had been working off of two computers, my company desktop and my personal laptop.  The laptop was only used for conference calls because it has a webcam and my desktop doesn’t.

Until now.


The laptop can now patiently wait for the desktop to return to the office in Waltham so it can start being useful again.  Until then, I’m 100% desktop.

Exciting news, eh?  This little camera has a really wide field of view.  Thankfully Zoom crops the sides off the image.  Later today we’ll find out if Google Meet does the same.

I can see how fascinated you are.  Control yourself, would you?  Sheesh!

Desk Craziness

Forgive me, but I am going to reuse a picture I posted yesterday.

Working from home has caused some desk setup questions that I didn’t want to deal with, but I think I finally have.

Prior to social distance I had two laptops on my desk in our home office.  I used my MacBook Pro along with a second monitor for all but the eight hours I was telecommuting on Thursdays.  While telecommuting, I switched to a second laptop, running Windows 10.  I used the same second monitor.  I have a 3-1 adapter that has a USB 2.0, HDMI, and USB C input into a single USB C plug.  I had my USB dock, my monitor, and my power all running into it.  When I switched from Mac to Windows I’d just pull the adapter out of one machine and plug it into the other.  Done.

Once the lockdown started I brought my work PC home from Waltham and used that instead of the Windows laptop.  I couldn’t use the same monitor cable for both machines, and the desktop doesn’t have a USB C port, so I was pulling plugs in and out twice a day.

On top of that, Jen and I are both working from home, both in the same room, and both having to join meetings at the same time.  To deal with this I moved my Windows laptop to our bedroom and jokingly called it the conference room.  At first I was using a dinner tray table as a desk, then I setup one of Jen’s old desks instead, and then Jen brought a monitor, a keyboard, and a mouse out and turned the spot into an actual work station.

Yesterday Jen and I both had meetings scheduled for the better part of the day so I bit the bullet and moved my Waltham desktop into the bedroom and spent the whole day in there.  I was planning to move it back to the office this weekend, but instead I talked it over with Jen and we decided to keep a Windows desk in the bedroom and an Apple desk in the office.

Now I am a two desk crazy person.  Certifiably.



The minute the lock down ends, my Waltham machine goes back to Waltham and I move all my stuff back to the office. This is temporary.