At Home and Loving It

I haven’t punched in to work yet, but after two days in a row of a 73 mile morning commute, I can definitively say that working from home is way better than working in the office. I’m home today and I’ll be home on Monday and then Tuesday and Wednesday I’m in Foxborough again. So it’s a brief respite from commuting, but it’s welcome and I am going to love every second of it.

There isn’t much going on this weekend. Cleaning in preparation for the holidays. Wrapping presents. Visiting my father. Worrying about my mother’s Covid. She’s still symptom-free but also still positive. We’re bringing one of the cars to the shop for a little maintenance. That’s actually preparation for us becoming a one car household in the very near future. I’ll write about that when it happens. I want to play guitar. I might want to do some car singing. I want to take some film pictures. That’s about it.

Here’s hoping today is a quiet day at work. I have a truck load of administrative stuff to do. I got through a chunk yesterday afternoon, but there is a ton more to go. Wish us luck today, folks. Have a happy Friday.

Monday Monday

I had a task to complete at work last week that I really did not want to have stretch into this week, but I was not able to finish it off. This morning though, I have been cranking it out with a vengeance. I feel pretty good about the situation now. Not as good as I would have if I finished it on Friday though. Ugh, stress.

I got up a little late today, but I warped through my morning routine in record time and was able to eat breakfast before work for a change. That felt pretty good. I watched House of the Dragon last night and Tales of the Walking Dead this morning. House of the Dragon seems like a good start. One episode down. Cautious optimism. Let’s get to week two. Tales of the Walking Dead… I don’t know. Episode two was on point as far as the greater universe is concerned, but it went places that I kinda wish it didn’t go. It wasn’t bad, it was just… wrong? Maybe? It had Parker Posey in it though, and after seeing her in Best in Show (No, that’s a bear in a, in a bee costume) she can do no wrong.

Okay, back to work. We’re cranking shit out today. I’m gonna have a productive day if it kills me.

Better Than Expected

I was afraid that today was going to be a bad day, but so far it’s been okay. Whatever was up with my head this morning cleared up around the time I punched in to work. Jen is okay too. She doesn’t feel all better, but she is okay. That’s good.

The bad news so far was the exterminator. He’s pretty sure we’re going to have some damage behind the shower wall in our master bathroom. Now that we’ve spent all of that money fixing the cellar and the kitchen and the dining room… now we’re going to have to fix the bathroom too. We may end up ripping out the shower and not replacing it. We’ll have to see.

I am punching out of work in about 20 minutes and then going over to the hospital to sit with my mother for a while. That could turn out to be a rough situation, but I am ready for it. I am eating a little dinner right now (three ounces of chicken) so that I don’t have to worry about it later. I’ll be taking a big water bottle with me. I should be able to hit both my protein and liquid goals for the day. I am pretty confident.

Crazy Town

On a crazy scale from 1-10, today has been a 467037471509436.2.

Holy crap, has it been a crazy day!

You know what though? I tested negative for Covid-19 today. Neh-gah-tiv. Zero Covid. Zip, zilch, nada. Nothing. Covid free since ’93, to paraphrase Mr Ted Mosby.

The love of my life and I are going to have dinner together tonight instead of having dinner at the same time in separate rooms. It’s going to be awesome. On multiple occasions today there were spontaneous hugs and smooches. It was awesome.

Granted, everything else about today was absolute insanity, but the non-quarantine stuff ruled.

Now the question is, what do I do about my work desk. We had talked a little of moving my work day desk out of the bedroom into one of the kids rooms (obviously moving it back to the bedroom when they come home). At first I was not happy working in Harry’s room, but the windows make it a winner. He has two windows that face the back yard. I have had them open for every second that I’ve been quarantinied in here. It’s kinda glorious. The windows in our bedroom face the street, which is nice, but facing the back yard is so much nicer.

Naw, as nice as the air flow in here is, I think I’ll move my work desk back to the bedroom. That’s the spot for me.

Happy No Covid/No More Quarantine Day!


Back At It-Ish

The five day weekend is over. Not that I had a five day weekend, but I digress. I’m still isolating in Harry’s room, and today is the first day that I will be on video conferences with folks at work. I’m going to have to explain the Harry Potter book cover poster on the wall behind me. It’s actually not a poster, it’s a puzzle. Harry was able to put it together and hang it up without having it fall apart. How amazing is that? What the camera can’t see is the Star Wars poster off to my right. That one would need no explanation.

I have the windows open and the mini USB fan on low. The goal is to keep the air moving. Something about all of that time at my parents house in the sweltering heat with fans blowing right on my face all day has made me really want to have the air moving around me as I work.

I closed all three exercise rings yesterday. I weighed myself today. Closing the three rings once did not magically reduce my weight at all. What the hell? It was my first weigh in since mid August and I was up a pound and a half since then. I think we can probably attribute that to stress eating over the weekend so I think maybe what I have learned is that Intermittent Fasting is helping me hold my weight steady more than it’s helping lose weight. I will take that as a huge win. Now the exercise can start lowering that astronomically high weight total, and then we can throw in some diet and some bariatric surgery to get it down the rest of the way. Wait, what?

Okay. Punching in to work. Have a good Tuesday, everyone. Labor day is past, summer is over, it is officially winter in New England. Bite me, Mother Nature.

Until next time……

I forgot Something

I’m working from my parents house today. I have an absolute mountain of work to do, but fortunately I only have one meeting today and it was over by 10:30.

The pandemic sent us all home for a year and a quarter and counting which means we don’t hold meetings in person which means we’re teleconferencing like crazy. I have two tools for this process. A webcam that sits on top of my monitor and a headset mic/headphones that allows me to keep the other end of the conferences private from whoever is home with me, and cut down on ambient noise making it’s way to those on the other end of the line.

After over a year of use, the webcam is dying. It could be the cable or the USB connector, I don’t know. I just know that sometimes the image is a mess. I’ve switched to using the webcam built into my laptop. When I work from my parents house I can use the webcam built into one of the monitors I’m borrowing from my brother’s workstation.

Unlike the webcam, the headset is still firing on all cylinders. When I work at my parents house I bring it with me.


I forgot it today.


I feel naked without it. How quickly we become dependent on little, seemingly insignificant things.

The Worst Part of Telecommuting

Telecommuting is pretty great. You get to work from home. It’s nice. Covid-19 has put us onto a nine-months-and-counting telecommuting streak, but it’s cool. No traffic. Jeans and sneakers. Able to have dinner with my family every night. Sweet.

There’s only one downside. I’m dealing with it right now.

My wife is on the other side of the house getting caught up on The Mandalorian. She’s down to the last couple of episodes in season one.

The downside of telecommuting is I can hear the TV in the distance but I can’t sit and watch it with her.

I would really like to go watch it with her. I cannot though. I must work. This is the way. Damn it.

This is a Thing

Over at our next door neighbors’ house, this is happening…

It’s the last business day before Thanksgiving. It’s probably the day that drags along more than any other for me, and now topping it off I have a wood chipper running at 100,000 decibels at the end of my driveway.

Yeah, work is going to be productive today.