In the Office

I took Monday and Tuesday off so that I could be around for the window crew. We were told it would take two days. When they asked to come back for a third day I thought it was going to screw up my work schedule. Today is an in-the-office day so I would be messing things up if I had to stay home. Jen and I worked it out so that I could be there for the morning and then be in the office in the afternoon. I was planning to come in one additional day just to keep the karmic scales balanced.

Fortunately, they showed up early enough today that I could discuss what needed to be discussed, get the house ready for them to start work, and still get onto the road in time to make it to the office by 9:00. Whew! Jen is working from home today, so hopefully they won’t be too loud. Also, the cats are out of Bellana’s room so hopefully they don’t torture the window crew too badly with their cuteness and their insistence on playing at all times. Well… playing when they aren’t sleeping that is.

I was not able to finish my exercise, or watch The Mandalorian, or get much liquid in, or have any real breakfast. I had a protein bar and a protein snack in the car on the way here, and I just got cleared to start drinking, but I am way behind my goal right now. At least I won’t have to come in a second time this week.