Monday Monday

I had a task to complete at work last week that I really did not want to have stretch into this week, but I was not able to finish it off. This morning though, I have been cranking it out with a vengeance. I feel pretty good about the situation now. Not as good as I would have if I finished it on Friday though. Ugh, stress.

I got up a little late today, but I warped through my morning routine in record time and was able to eat breakfast before work for a change. That felt pretty good. I watched House of the Dragon last night and Tales of the Walking Dead this morning. House of the Dragon seems like a good start. One episode down. Cautious optimism. Let’s get to week two. Tales of the Walking Dead… I don’t know. Episode two was on point as far as the greater universe is concerned, but it went places that I kinda wish it didn’t go. It wasn’t bad, it was just… wrong? Maybe? It had Parker Posey in it though, and after seeing her in Best in Show (No, that’s a bear in a, in a bee costume) she can do no wrong.

Okay, back to work. We’re cranking shit out today. I’m gonna have a productive day if it kills me.