Happy Monday

Happy Monday, everyone (he said sarcastically).

Last night got strange. There was a small health issue that we all knew was nothing, but on the day after the vaccine it might have been something so we went to the ER and had them tell us it was nothing. The zaniest thing about the ER trip is that we got there at 10:00 and left at 12:00. Two hours? That’s it? Amazing!

So I was late getting to bed last night. I was probably going to be late anyway, thanks to television. I was sitting in bed watching The Walking Dead on my iPad when we decided to go. Live TV, babie! I was planning on watching the episode and then trying to sneak in House of the Dragon before I fell asleep. I am pretty sure it wasn’t going to happen. I was still seriously beat on post-vaccine day. I was going to try it though. Instead, I went to sleep a little before 1:00am and woke up a little before 7:00. My SleepWatch numbers were good. I feel so much better today. The only post-vaccine symptom left is a very sore left arm. That’ll clear soon enough.

So I watched last night’s The Walking Dead while doing my walkies (38 minutes, 3.22 miles [simulated], 609 calories). The episode was pretty good. The stuff with Daryl and Judith was excellent. Look at me getting all emotional about the parenting stuff. Who woulda thunk it? The wrestling stuff though… what the fuck, Angela. It was bad when Fear the Walking Dead had a wrestling episode, but the main show? It was just friggin’ embarrassing. It was probably about one minute long but it felt like two hours. Just stop.

House of the Dragon (aka Hot D) will have to wait until tonight. I thought I had a doctors appointment this week, on October 12, but it’s actually next week on the 18th. October 12th is Bruins opening day. Another thing that will wait until later tonight is the finalization of the Bruins opening day roster. They waived three veterans yesterday. Will they be picked up today? Will they be sent down to Providence? Will they be cut completely? Will they remain with the team? Who the hell knows.

In past years, today would have been a day off work for me. Columbus Day, aka whatever people are calling the day instead of Columbus Day because Columbus was a pretty atrocious person who really shouldn’t be celebrated, especially since his great discovery was the result of him being a bit of an idiot. At the start of 2022 our holiday structure was altered to change non-national holidays, like today, into floating holidays. So I don’t have today off, but I can take a day off later in its place. Jen is off today though. I should have put in for today so that we could spend the day together. Three day weekends kinda rule. I think I need to use two days this month again to stop my personal time off accrual from maxing out, again. We’ll see.

There you go, folks. That’s my Monday morning. Happy Monday.

Running Behind

Dude! There are episodes of Tales of The Walking Dead, Rick and Morty, House of the Dragon, and whatever the new Lord of the Rings show is called that you haven’t seen yet!

What the hell is wrong with you? Get on this!

At least the kitchen and the bathroom are clean. That’s good work, fat boy.

Monday Monday

I had a task to complete at work last week that I really did not want to have stretch into this week, but I was not able to finish it off. This morning though, I have been cranking it out with a vengeance. I feel pretty good about the situation now. Not as good as I would have if I finished it on Friday though. Ugh, stress.

I got up a little late today, but I warped through my morning routine in record time and was able to eat breakfast before work for a change. That felt pretty good. I watched House of the Dragon last night and Tales of the Walking Dead this morning. House of the Dragon seems like a good start. One episode down. Cautious optimism. Let’s get to week two. Tales of the Walking Dead… I don’t know. Episode two was on point as far as the greater universe is concerned, but it went places that I kinda wish it didn’t go. It wasn’t bad, it was just… wrong? Maybe? It had Parker Posey in it though, and after seeing her in Best in Show (No, that’s a bear in a, in a bee costume) she can do no wrong.

Okay, back to work. We’re cranking shit out today. I’m gonna have a productive day if it kills me.


Tomorrow night there is a new episode of a new Walking Dead spinoff airing. There is also a new episode (the first) of the new Game of Thrones spin off airing.

I think they air at the same time.

What am I gonna do?