Song… Number Six, I think? And Seven too!

I think this is the sixth song I’ve finished.  Yeah, I have seven files and two of them are different versions of the same song, so that leave six.  Yeah.  I think the running time is up to round 19 minutes too.

I’m liking the guitar sounds.  The rhythm used the Klon KTR and I’m in tonal love.  The lead is the KTR after a Big Muff clone (Wren and Cuff Tri Pi ’70) and it’s just filthy and wonderful.

I think I knew what the lyrics were about at some point, but I don’t remember.

The RPM Challenge website is down.  Raise your hand if you’re panicking.

(Robbie slowly, timidly raises a panicked hand)


I forgot to click publish on this post and went ahead and mixed the seventh song before I realized it.  So you get a bonus song in this post!  Aren’t you happy?  Free stuff!

This one is… meh.  Enough said.

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