Today’s Project: Complete

The job is done! We have a little shed-like contraption to store our trash barrels in. Well… two of our trash barrels at least. I was hoping this would be a tad bigger than it is, but it’s perfect for the two barrels we actually use.

I’m going to set the over/under for how long it takes the squirrels to gnaw their way into it at 12 hours.


Somewhere in this cellar storage nightmare is a little, purple, cheap, vibe pedal. There’s also a foot switch for one of my amps, and an isolated 9volt plug that I can use with guitar pedals.

I went in there looking for the little, purple, vibe pedal. If I found the other two things, that would be nice, but I wanted the vibe pedal.

I found the other two things.

I didn’t find the little vibe pedal.


Damn it, Roomba!

Our bedroom used to be the garage. There is a heavy door between the bedroom/ex-garage and the mud room that used to be an exit for the house proper. On Roomba nights we close that door most of the way. It’s closed enough that Roomba won’t come in, but open just enough that Patches the Wonder Cat can get in if she wants. The mud room is tiny, more like a breezeway than a mud room, but we call it the mud room. There is a door between the mud room and the kitchen that we always leave open. Sometimes if we have all the windows in the house open the breeze will blow it shut. Otherwise, it’s open.

I got up this morning. I needed to go into the kitchen. I was still 80% asleep and it was dark. I pushed open the mostly closed bedroom door, took two steps without really paying attention to what I was doing or really even opening my eyes all the way and


The kitchen door was closed about 50% of the way and I walked straight into it. I took most of the hit with my foot, I stubbed my toe something fierce, and the rest of it got me square in the face.

It looks like our friend, Man Servant Mr DJ Roomba, Esq tried to clean behind the kitchen door last night and left it part way closed. Fortunately there were no permanent injuries. Except for the injured pride.

Also, my iPad tried to install updates last night and I got an error stating that it was out of storage space. I don’t store anything on it. I put movies on it and music too, but only when I know there won’t be wifi, like when I was going on a plane to Florida 13 months ago. I’m not sure how my browser ended up with a billion gigs used. Like… what the hell?

Posterous (ie Twitter) can Kiss My Fat Ass

The whole reason I started using was because I could host images on posterous and have them auto post to wordpress.  Of course it took just a few weeks before those pics I sent to posterous started showing up in my wordpress storage counts.  Then after a couple more weeks the posterous auto posting stopped working.  Yeah, that was nice, huh?  Now this week we find out that posterous’ parent company, twitter, is closing up the shop and posterous is going away.

I am afraid to see how much of my free wordpress storage space I have used.  I have to be more diligent about using Flickr to host images.