Finally in a Playoff Spot

The Bruins beat the Calgary Flames last night. On a three game Western Canadian road trip they took five out of a possible six points… even though they did get stuck with a loser point in a loss to pathetic Vancouver. However lame losing to Vancouver is, they had themselves a very successful little road trip and they have finally managed to get themselves into a playoff spot. As of last night they are in the second wild card spot in the East. They are the eighth and final spot.

Somehow having the Bruins in a playoff spot makes the air smell a little fresher and the sun feel a little warmer. Thanks, Bruins. Good work.

NHL Thanksgiving

The traditional belief around the NHL is if your team is in a playoff spot on US Thanksgiving then there is a very good chance they will still be holding a playoff spot when the regular season ends.

Thanksgiving day (US) is therefore thought of as a sort of magical day.

At this moment, with Thanksgiving mere minutes (90, to be exact) away, the Boston Bruins are two points out of the second wild card spot in the East.