Joni Mitchell Joins In

Joni Mitchell’s website posted an update tonight stating that she is joining Neil Young and pulling her catalog off of spotify.

My suggestion is to go someplace that isn’t spotify, preferably a record store but we’ll take what we can get, and play the following albums on an endless loop:

  • Neil Young – Everybody Knows This is Nowhere
  • Joni Mitchell – Blue

As more artists join the crusade we can add more records. Sound good?

Neil Young is The Man

I’ve always liked Neil Young, but I never really dove into his music the way some people do. I know people whose obsession with Neil Young rivals my obsession with Rush*. I never dug that deep. Everybody Knows This is Nowhere and After the Gold Rush and Harvest and Deja Vu are friggin masterpieces. I can’t really tell you what they are musically because Neil Young is such his own thing that it defies categorization, but I can tell you that they are pretty much perfect. After that my knowledge of his career is kind of spotty.

Yesterday though, Neil proved that he is indisputably The Man. He sent a letter to his management and his label telling them to remove his music from Spotify in protest of Spotify hosting Joe Rogan’s podcast. Rogan spews Covid disinformation and puts Spotify customers at risk. Neil Young’s letter says that Spotify can have him or they can have Rogan but they can’t have both.

Kick ass. Neil Young: The Man. If I were wearing a cap right now I would 100% be tipping it to him.

In a world of schmucks like Eric Clapton, be Neil Young.

*Rush did a Neil Young song on their covers EP. Buffalo Springfield’s Mr Soul. That really doesn’t mean anything at all, I just feel happy that it happened. They actually did two Buffalo Springfield songs on that EP but the other was a Stephen Stills song. They covered For What it’s Worth. I don’t know if Neil Young (or Stephen Stills for that matter) ever heard the covers, but I hope he (they) did and I hope he (they) dug them. I guess I just like the idea of knowing that artists I admire also admire each other. I think that’s a happy thought.

Music Streaming Guilt

I have been sharing stuff from Twitter and Instagram pretty regularly lately and I feel kinda icky about it. It feels like cheating. I should stop, but it’s a safe way to share something someone else creates while giving credit where credit is due, you know?

Anyway, this was trending on Twitter earlier. It is probably the only time you will ever see me reference T-Pain, but there you go.

If you subscribe to a music streaming service, prepare to feel guilty…

Q: How much is a stream actually worth to the artist?

I don’t know if you can see the whole image, but Spotify is on the list under YouTubeMusic, and it is 315 streams for one dollar.

How is Napster paying the highest rate? How did that happen. Napster, of all companies. Tidal, I can see. That company was started by recording artists, but Napster? The company that almost single handedly ended the recording industry?

I really wish Apple was paying out at more than a penny a stream. Feel that guilt, kids. Feel it just piling on. Gross. I suppose being third best is better than being YouTube Music. Here’s hoping this post leads to YouTube Music making some massive changes. What the hell, Google? Pay the damn artists.

This makes me want to go and buy some merch. That’s pretty much the only way artists can make money off of me in Covid-Land where concerts don’t exist.

Random Stuff at Lunch Time

Epically busy day today. Sneaking in a short post during a short lunch break. What’s going on, Robert?

When the Covid-19 lock down started I had to grab a webcam so that I could join in on the video conferencing fun. Last week I was on a Google Meet meeting and my camera started flipping out like a crazy person. I tried a couple of USB ports and it was a problem in more than one, but eventually it stabilized itself. That leads me to think there is something breaking loose within the cable. This morning I was on a Zoom meeting and my camera kept shutting off. Turns out it was basically the same issue. I ended up opening up my clam shelled laptop and using the built in camera. It’s working. Folks can see my mug when I am speaking.

Still… a Covid-19 specific tech gadget purchase failed to outlive the lock down. I’m probably going to replace it someday so that I can go back to clam shell. When I go back to the office (which is imminent) I won’t have my gigantic monitor and I’ll have the lappy open anyway, so a replacement camera will just be a home office guy.

I don’t know why but I redid my Spotify Mood Music playlist. I put this together ages ago with the intent being I would update it all the time. Any time I was drawn to a new band or song or whatever I would add something to the playlist. I kept that up for about a minute. Maybe this time I’ll stay active. I don’t use Spotify but it’s easy to share on the blog so that’s why I do it. Whatever.

Jen spoke to Harry a little bit today. He has had his first graduation practice session! We got the details on the ceremony. Masks optional and no socially distant seating. Oh good. The pandemic is over, folks. You made it through! I guess the 11,277 new cases and 245 new deaths yesterday were imagined.

Sorry. This is not a bitch about Covid thing. This is a Harry is a Legend who is graduating from High School in three days post!


Wait for it…

We get a new Marvel show on Disney Plus starting tomorrow. Loki. Wednesdays instead of Fridays, that’s new. I think I liked Fridays better in general, but Wednesdays work too. While watching WandaVision we got into the groove of having burgers and fries for dinner while we watched the new episodes. That carried on through The Falcon and The Winter Soldier too. It will continue with Loki. I have no idea what this show is going to be like. I just know that all of us are psyched. Come on, Marvel. Live up to the hype, people! Bring it!

…dary! Legendary!


Check it out, nerd boy is messing around with the layout on the page again.  I had this goofy idea to add a music playlist to the sideboard.  Just a few things that I’ve been in the mood for recently.  I already forget where the idea came from (blame old age).  Did I see it on someone else’s page?  I think so.

Anyway, I went over to Spotify and started a new playlist and added a couple of Robert Fripp and Steven Wilson things because that’s where my head has been lately.  I added a couple of Rush tunes too because RIP Professor.  Then I went looking for a widget…

…and I couldn’t find one.  Google to the rescue.  While I was looking I found an Instagram widget too.  I have a love/hate relationship with The ‘Gram.  I love the idea of it, but I hate the shitty interface and the shitty algorithm and the shitty owned-by-Facebook.  Oh what the hell, thought the social media whore, and I added the Instagram widget and a text widget with a Spotify tagger that linked to my new playlist.  I then added a few more songs to the playlist.  Prog and Blues, mostly.  Not the most palatable of combinations, but screw you guys it’s my brain I don’t care, whatever.

You can see both things over there on the right somewhere.  You might have to scroll down a little.   >>>>>>>>

I also added a Flickr widget which didn’t work, and a twitter widget which reminded me that my twitter feed is almost entirely links back to this page.  Can you say redundant?  I can, and often do.  I removed them both and moved on with my life.

Also, I totally forgot that you can’t actually play Spotify on an embedded playlist.  It links you back to Spotify itself (I think it tried opening the player app before proceeding to the web player) and I think you need to be signed in to hear anything.  Whatever.  It’s only there because I’m a nerd and like doing nerdy things.

What this means is that any minute now I’m probably going to be changing my whole page theme.  You have been warned.

Apple Music

Apple Music is missing something. I haven’t noticed until just now. Spotify lets you embed playlists into other social platforms. I can show playlists and albums here, or on Facebook, or wherever. Apple Music does not give you that option. There is a little share menu but it only sends links to a couple of places. Email, Messages, Twitter, Facebook. The usual. I just tested drove it with Facebook and the link didn’t even work. Also, in reference to my previous post, I referred to Apple Music as iTunes Music because I am dumb, dumb, dumb and have the memory of a twig. Urgh.

Anyway, just for fun lets test the link here too. Does this bring you to the latest Robin Trower record? I bet it doesn’t…

Music Nerd Moment

Just posting this here to save it for later.

I made a playlist out of the entire Yes Progeny box set. Seven complete shows from the Fall of 1972 on the Close to the Edge Tour. If only it were Bill Bruford on drums instead of Alan White. (no disrespect to Mr. White intended at all)