Check it out, nerd boy is messing around with the layout on the page again.  I had this goofy idea to add a music playlist to the sideboard.  Just a few things that I’ve been in the mood for recently.  I already forget where the idea came from (blame old age).  Did I see it on someone else’s page?  I think so.

Anyway, I went over to Spotify and started a new playlist and added a couple of Robert Fripp and Steven Wilson things because that’s where my head has been lately.  I added a couple of Rush tunes too because RIP Professor.  Then I went looking for a widget…

…and I couldn’t find one.  Google to the rescue.  While I was looking I found an Instagram widget too.  I have a love/hate relationship with The ‘Gram.  I love the idea of it, but I hate the shitty interface and the shitty algorithm and the shitty owned-by-Facebook.  Oh what the hell, thought the social media whore, and I added the Instagram widget and a text widget with a Spotify tagger that linked to my new playlist.  I then added a few more songs to the playlist.  Prog and Blues, mostly.  Not the most palatable of combinations, but screw you guys it’s my brain I don’t care, whatever.

You can see both things over there on the right somewhere.  You might have to scroll down a little.   >>>>>>>>

I also added a Flickr widget which didn’t work, and a twitter widget which reminded me that my twitter feed is almost entirely links back to this page.  Can you say redundant?  I can, and often do.  I removed them both and moved on with my life.

Also, I totally forgot that you can’t actually play Spotify on an embedded playlist.  It links you back to Spotify itself (I think it tried opening the player app before proceeding to the web player) and I think you need to be signed in to hear anything.  Whatever.  It’s only there because I’m a nerd and like doing nerdy things.

What this means is that any minute now I’m probably going to be changing my whole page theme.  You have been warned.

Apple Music

Apple Music is missing something. I haven’t noticed until just now. Spotify lets you embed playlists into other social platforms. I can show playlists and albums here, or on Facebook, or wherever. Apple Music does not give you that option. There is a little share menu but it only sends links to a couple of places. Email, Messages, Twitter, Facebook. The usual. I just tested drove it with Facebook and the link didn’t even work. Also, in reference to my previous post, I referred to Apple Music as iTunes Music because I am dumb, dumb, dumb and have the memory of a twig. Urgh.

Anyway, just for fun lets test the link here too. Does this bring you to the latest Robin Trower record? I bet it doesn’t…


Music Nerd Moment

Just posting this here to save it for later.

I made a playlist out of the entire Yes Progeny box set. Seven complete shows from the Fall of 1972 on the Close to the Edge Tour. If only it were Bill Bruford on drums instead of Alan White. (no disrespect to Mr. White intended at all)


I made a playlist out of songs that might have been part of The Who’s abandoned Lifehouse movie soundtrack. The word is that two Who albums are made up of aborted attempts at bringing Lifehouse together, Who’s Next and Who Are you. There are a bunch of outtakes from Who’s Next that were also part of the project, and a few other songs from throughout their career. This is incomplete and the running order is sort of random, but it’s as valid as anything else (with the exception of Pete Townshend’s Lifehouse Chronicles demo collection).

New Music Search Update

Here are a couple of records I’ve been listening to a lot lately. I have found these through Google searches for new music and I literally know nothing about any of the artists, aside from knowing that I like the records.

Club Meds by Dan Mangan and Blacksmith. I don’t recall what I was searching for when I found this, but I liked it enough to spin through it about three times during work today.

Teeth Dreams by The Hold Steady. This band’s singer might turn some people off, but if the band ever decided to replace him I will literally smack them all across their idiot faces. This voice is PERFECT for this band. Perfect, I say!

Music Discovery New Years Resolution Continues

So if I can embed Spotify urls into wordpress, then I can share things I’ve been listening to as part of my New Years Resolution to find new bands to listen to.

From Boston, MA we have Mean Creek whose Local Losers record is a current favorite.

The big winner so far is a Scottish band called The Twilight Sad. They are a little bit… what’s the word… gothier? Maybe? A little bit gothier than I usually go for, but the album Nobody Wants to be Here and Nobody Wants to Leave has wormed its way into my brain and it absolutely will not go away.

More to come later.