First Day Recap

From a post-surgical standpoint, my first day back to work was not easy. It wasn’t bad, it just threw off my food/drink/exercise routine that I’ve been getting by with for the past month.

I had breakfast before work, and a protein shake as I was starting the day so that went well. Lunch started late and ended early. I wasn’t able to finish my 2.5 ounces of food until almost 3:00pm. It wasn’t bad, really it just threw me off. I hit my protein goal at dinner so everything worked out.

Liquids was more of a challenge. I was in meetings from 10:30 until 1:15 and I was talking for much of that time. I was really dehydrated by the end and my voice was getting scratchy and hoarse. I still haven’t hit my fluid goal, but I will before I turn in.

As for exercise, I didn’t get to it until about 7:30. For the sixth day straight I did the full 30 minute goal in one go. I have no issues other than I prefer to get it done earlier in the day which is going to mean either before work of during lunch. I need to figure out a new routine.

On the whole it was okay. I just need to establish a new food routine. Tomorrow should be better for most of the day, but I need to go somewhere directly after work so I’m going to have to eat some dinner before I punch out. That’s going to be weird.

We will see how it goes.


Surgery is in 16 days and I am stressing a little. Not about the surgery itself, but about some things that go along with it.

I need to book a Covid-19 test three days before the surgery. They gave me a few clinics I can go to. I spent a lot of time on the phone with two of them today, trying to schedule a test, and never spoke to a human. Jen reminded me that today is a state holiday in Massachusetts, so that might be why. Still… if you’re not home today, add that to your voice message.

I haven’t had caffeine since February 3rd (I think). I haven’t missed it. Even last Wednesday when I did my 38 hour sleep-free stretch, I was never wishing I could have some caffeine. I am today though. I am jonzing go-juice in a big way. I’m exhausted and I could really use a little help staying focused. I can’t though. I can never have caffeine again.

I do have one little piece of good news, surgically speaking. I checked the documentation they gave me to see what restrictions there are on lifting things immediately post-op. It says not to lift anything over 25 pounds for six weeks after the surgery. Why is that important to me? The average weight of a Gibson Les Paul is around 10 pounds. That’s a ton in the guitar world, but it’s far below my limit. Sigh of musical relief.

Today is Not Friday

Last week my one day in the office was Friday. That has screwed me up completely this week. I think last week combined with today being the last day of the month has me 100% convinced that today is Friday.

No. Today is Thursday. Today is not Friday. The weekend does not start at 5:30 tonight. It starts at 5:30 tomorrow night.

Get it straight, Robert. You have stuff to do.

Not Double Booked

Turns out I was not double booked. The doctors appointment is in fact tomorrow and not today. The electricians are here and for the first time in ages the lights in the kitchen and the dining room are going to work correctly. If they are done by 10:30, or even if they just don’t turn off the internets, then I may be able to attend that work meeting. I’m on vacation though, so I’ll be all incognito like. Hi everyone, I’m not actually here. Ha! I’m so professionally funny.

The best part of all of this is that I have 24 hours left before I have to lose my head being afraid of another doctors appointment. Hooray and all that happy crappy*.

*That’s a Stephen King reference, from too many books to count. I think. Maybe he only used it in one book and I just read that book more than once. Who knows.

Another Miss

Another missed car music opportunity today. I actually have time to go, I just don’t want to. I’m more focused on my weight loss surgery non-appointment. I thought it was at Lowell General Hospital, but it’s actually in Chelmsford. No worries. I have the address, I just didn’t look at it before. Fear, ya know?

I don’t know the timeline for this process. In my tiny little brain I assumed it was about a year. I hope it’s at least a little less than that. Jen thought she heard it was about six months. That would be okay with me. With fingers crossed and knocking on all of the wood I say that we are hoping the pandemic will let us to go Disney World next January. I need to either be through the surgery and recovered and back on my feet again by then, or I need to hold off until we get back.

There is also the question of whether or not the pandemic bitch will cause the hospital to stop doing elective surgery. I know some hospitals are in that boat right now. Hopefully that doesn’t become an issue.

Sorry for all of these posts. It’s just kind of what’s on my mind right now. I’m hoping we’ll get through it together, right?

85 Minutes to Go

It’s five minutes passed 4:00 which means I have less than an hour and a half to go for today’s work day. 85 minutes to quittin’ time.

I took Tuesday off for the drive to Vermont, and I took an hour yesterday morning for the hospital conference call. These two events have had the unintended side effect of turning my internal calendar inside out and upside down. I have no idea what day it is. At varying times during the day yesterday I was convinced that it was Monday. Other times I was equally convinced that it was Friday. It was Wednesday. What chance does that give me?

I have had my Google Calendar open all day today and it clearly shows that today is Thursday, yet I have been positive that it’s Friday. I had to mess with the Nana Sitting schedule for the weekend too, and that’s going to mess me up even more. Instead of leaving after work on Thursday and coming back after dinner on Saturday, I am going to leave on Thursday and come back after work on Friday. The reason behind it is excellent (happy birthday to Bellana) but it’s messing with my head.

It’s been a wacky week, I tells ya. I’m hoping I have the energy to play some guitar tonight. If I put the leads on one of the May songs tonight I can mix it while I Nana Sit tomorrow.

Back to work. 75 minutes to go. I just got asked to evaluate a custom code project for one of our customers and it’s something I’ve already written. Kick ass, dude. I love it when that happens. Reusing code is totally where it’s at.

Talk to you later. Probably after I get home. Probably with a picture of the cat. Rock on, ladies and germs.

Half Day

I’m working a half day today so that I can go visit my father in the hospital. I’m off the clock at 1:00pm. Sweet. I’m off for a full day on the 18th as that’s the day we help my step daughter move out of her dorm. Mothers Day is Sunday, that should be nice. My step Daughter’s birthday is the 19th and it’s a milestone year for her. Very excited.

There’s something else going on this month too. Another landmark event type of thing. I wish I could remember what it was but it seems I’ve blocked it from my memory. If I remember what it is I’ll probably write about it, but even though it’s a huge landmark it can’t be that important, right?

Long Confusing Week

I mentioned the other day that we had a slight, one time schedule change.  We swapped a kid day with the kids’ dad.  He took our Thursday and we took his Tuesday.  The result was pretty catastrophic to my internal calendar.  I spent all of Wednesday convinced it was Friday.  I then spent all of Thursday convinced it was Friday too.  This morning when I woke up I was pretty sure that it was Saturday.  Spoiler alert:  It wasn’t.

After having less than three hours of sleep on Wednesday night/Thursday morning I was toast by early evening.  I tried to put the Bruins game on the radio while I was laying in bed.  I missed the first period and it was early in the second when I put my headphones on and put my head on the pillow…  And that was all she wrote.  The Bruins won 4-2, and I didn’t actually hear any of it.  Yippee.

It’s a good thing I got that sleep last night though because today has been the most hectic day in human history.  I’ve been bouncing around like crazy all day.  I was looking forward to a quiet weekend.  Now I am even more than before… I just found out I could be on call for most of the time.  Urgh, indeed.

Day of the Week Confusion

Our normal week schedule includes me telecommuting on Thursday, and then having to get one of the kids to school significantly earlier than usual on Friday.  This week there were two unrelated scheduling adjustments that resulted in me telecommuting on Tuesday, and having to get one of the kids to school significantly early on Wednesday. 

In a practical sense neither thing is a big deal, but do you realize the negative affect this has had on me?

This means my puny little brain is absolutely convinced that today is Friday.

Today, not to mention the rest of the week, is going to suck!