Random Stuff

Tuukka Rask returned to the Bruins tonight and beat the Flyers 3-2. Pastrnak scored all three goals. A hat trick for Pasta tonight after a hat trick for Marchand last night. Sweetness all around.

Note to self: you opened a new jug of distilled water for the CPAP machine’s humidifier tonight. Try and keep track of how long it lasts, for future reference and stuff.

Patches is fully back to normal tonight. We can tell because she puked 17 pounds of partially eaten cat food onto Jen’s desk. Right as rain, feline.

I’m sitting up in bed for a little while. Should I rewatch episode 3 of The Book of Boba Fett or should I watch the first episode of The Peacemaker. Or should I just sleep.

You’re right. Sleep it is.

Possible car music in the morning. We will see when the morning gets here.

Cat Barf

Jen told me she found a cat vomit stash in Bellana’s room* and she asked me to clean it up. I took a look and found a cat vomit stash and didn’t think much of it. It took me a few days to get to it. It was nothing a little swiffer mop couldn’t handle in two seconds. I cleaned it up. Boom. Then I saw the actual vomit stash Jen was talking about. It was big. It was chunky. It was spread out over a surprising surface area. It was solid as a rock and stuck so thoroughly to the floor that it was essentially a part of the floor. The two had become one and would not be separated.

The swiffer mop didn’t touch it. Hell, the vomit laughed at the swiffer mop. The scouring pad on a sponge barely made a scratch. The vomit scoffed at the scouring pad. A quart of 409… well, that was a good start. That plus the scouring pad took up a lot of it. When I couldn’t get any more, I had to go at it with a second quart of 409, another round with the pad, and then another round with the swiffer.

Yeah, the vomit is gone, but I may have weakened the structural integrity of the entire house. Next time that cat pukes in Bellana’s room it might be the end of us all.


*I’m sure I’ve mentioned this before, but Patches the Cat likes to puke. She has some food issues that often upset her stomach and she ralphs it up. We didn’t know what was going on so we asked a Vet and after an examination, the Vet told us that she just eats as much as she can as fast as she can and then gets sick. It’s really gross. It’s even more gross because I am the one who cleans it up.

Bellana’s room is probably her favorite puke palace. She’s not terribly picky. She likes the living room too, and just the other day she let off a bomb in the office. Bellana’s room though… yeah, that’s the stuff. It’s probably because Bellana went to college first and her room is empty the most often so it’s nice and private. Patches sleeps in there a lot too, though when Harry’s not around she likes to sleep (and hurl) in his room too. Bellana’s is definitely the favorite though, and with her coming back on Wednesday we want it to be as vomit free as it can be.

Oh, and did I mention that Bellana’s sheets are in the washing machine because Miss Patches dropped a stomach bile bomb on the bed as well as next to the bed and under the bed?

Yeah, Patches sure loves to yack in Bellana’s room.


Patches, whose praises I am constantly singing on this here internets page (web 2.0, babie!) just barfed up about 20 metric tonnes of puke, right where I sit during my work day.

Friggin’ cat. Thanks a pant load. Prick.

Might be Time to Leave Facebook

I’m really tired of the fascism and science denial and inability to know truth from lies on facebook. I think it’s time to bail. I am thinking about blocking everyone except Jen and the kids and the guys in the band. I’m sick of learning how stupid people in my life can be. How completely lacking in feelings or humanity so many people are when you remove the sham of direct personal interactions.

Right now I look at facebook and I just want to tell everyone there to go fuck themselves. I’m just so sick of it all. Obviously it’s not everyone, but I feel like I no longer want to worry about collateral damage, if you know what I mean.

Twitter and Instagram are the other social network services I use and they are both awful too, but so much of facebook is just bile and I think after 13 years it is time to flush away the puke.

Classical Kitty

Patches, our cat, would have felt right at home in ancient Rome. Specifically, she would have been a natural in the vomitoriums.

Yeah, that specially-designed-for-sensitive-stomachs cat food we’ve been giving her has really worked well. She only barfed twice yesterday, and the pile of puke the second time weighed nearly as much as she does.


Hair Balls

That damn cat is so very lucky she’s the cutest four legged fur ball on the planet.

Yesterday I came home to a big hair ball on the living room floor. Today is the first kid day this week and both of them found hair balls on their beds. We are going to run out of sheets!

Enough is enough, Patches!