Monday Morning Check In

I’m sitting at my desk for the first time in days. Weird. I figured I’d type a quick update on my computer rather than on my phone.

Yesterday I did a good job keeping up with the fluid intake. I am supposed to be getting four to six ounces per hour, and I hit that every hour from 8:00am to bed time. I still feel pretty dehydrated today though. The light headedness is back. I am going to try and stay on top of the fluids today and see how it effects me. I don’t want to go back to the hospital, but I will if I don’t feel better. I’m drinking six ounces of protein shake right now. Hopefully that will top me off some. I’m thinking next hour I’ll have myself some chicken broth. After that, probably back to sugar free gatorade again. For a while, at least.

Wish me luck.

Mom’s Second Day

My mother’s having another rough day. She’s still in the hospital. Last time we went through this it took five days before they discharged her. My sister was with her yesterday, my brother today, and I’ll be there tomorrow. I had to juggle some things at work but everyone is being very helpful. I appreciate it. I work with good people.

The contractors are working like crazy in the kitchen. The end is in sight. At least for the stuff we contracted out. There’s stuff that we’re planning to do on our own and we haven’t been able to start yet. That should be fun and chaotic and fun.

I have two Record-Every-Month songs ready for car vocals. One of them is pretty bad. The other is really bad. I also started on volume seven of the ol’ Great Re-Recording Project of 2015 today. Bass and drums for one song. Bring on the guitar.

I learned something about the protein shakes I’ve been having for breakfast. Normally I make a shake in the morning using my little single serving electric mixer. When it’s done I put the mixer and the glass I drank it out of into the dishwasher. The next morning they are both sparkling clean. With all of the kitchen fun, we currently don’t have a hooked up dishwasher, or a hooked up kitchen sink, or a hooked up kitchen faucet. So I used the mixer on Monday and then didn’t get around to washing it until this morning. I tried washing it in the bathroom sink, but I couldn’t. The dregs of the protein powder had morphed into a cement like solid. Note to self, get that thing into the dishwasher each day, Stat.

Okay, back to work.

More Small Steps

I had a tough day yesterday food wise. We had McDonalds for lunch in the car which was bad enough. When I got home I ate some peanuts, and I think there was something else too but I can’t remember. If I had updated my food log in real time instead of waiting until this morning I might remember better. We had Japanese food for dinner, which isn’t terrible but probably still not great. Then I got stupid and had an ice cream sundae and a big bowl of popcorn. I think there was something else in there too. Shit. I also fucked up the no drinks with meals schedule a couple of times. Once I ate less than 15 minutes after drinking and another time I drank less than an hour after eating. It was just really hard to do yesterday. Crap.

Today will be better, I believe. It’s already started out with some changes. My days of intermittent fasting are over. I am going to delete the app I was using and cancel the reminders I had setup. I am once again a breakfast eater. Or, more like a breakfast drinker.

The Dietician asked me to replace one meal a day with a protein shake mixed with 0% milk. Today is the first morning when I have both ingredients in the house. Today is the first morning I had a protein shake. Was it good? Eh. Was it gross? Not really. Did I measure it accurately? No idea. The instructions said 8 ounces of water and one scoop of powder, but there was no scoop to scoop with. I put a couple of table spoons in and ran with it.

Amazon will help. I used to have a single serving electric mixer. I thought it was still around somewhere but I can’t find it, so I ordered another one. I also ordered a scoop. Actually a couple of scoops. I dug a little deeper and the suggestion is 32 grams. I didn’t see a 32 gram scoop on Amazon but I did see a set of scoops of various sizes. I’ll do the math. The minions of Bezos say it will be delivered tomorrow sometime so one more day of estimates followed by a lifetime of accuracy. Something like that. At least I measured the eight ounces of milk correctly.

I also had my morning vitamins and added a vitamins column to my food log. I should find an app to track this rather than a Google Spreadsheet, though ya’ll know how much I love a good Google Spreadsheet.

Now I just have to avoid eating like a fat fucking moron again and we should be good to go for the next Dietician appointment. I have three more appointments in March. Psych starts this week. Nothing next week, then Dietician and then Cardiology. There is nothing booked in April yet, but there will be at least another Dietician and probably another Psych booked soon enough.

Question for the next Dietician appointment. Do the protein shakes count as eating or drinking?

One other unimportant blogging note. I added a new Category to the blog. Weight Loss Surgery. I am nearly positive that I have tagged all of the related posts over the last couple of months but from now on I will start using the new category too. Just in case I need to read through the back story someday. That should make it easier. I might go back and add posts tagged with weight loss surgery to it, but I might not. Who knows. I just thought I’d share. Just a little inside baseball and all that.

Pre-Work Shopping

I just spent some time on Amazon selling my soul to the bezos–devil. I need to take a slew of vitamins for the weight loss surgery. I ordered a big pile of them. I also have to take protein shakes. I ordered a ton of it. I need to start weighing my food. I bought a food scale.

I’m freakin’ out, man. I can do this, but I am going to freak out through the whole thing.

I did another important thing. I signed up for Paramount+. Why? Star Trek: Picard comes back for season two tomorrow and I am there. It’s time to find out what Q has been up to all this time.