The Good Stuff

I don’t drink. Ever. I just don’t. There’s no reason for it outside of never having come across an alcoholic beverage that actually tastes good to me. I’m also kind of proud that I’ve never been under the influence, in a weird anti-social sort of way.

This stuff though…

Obsessed Rush fans will understand.

This stuff I’ll at least try. It will probably make me want to vomit, but I’ll give it a try. It comes highly recommended by Neil Peart. Obsessed Rush fans will understand why.

Clockwork Angels the Audiobook

On my drive home today I started listening to the Clockwork Angels audiobook. It was read by Neil Peart. I’m still only at the beginning, but my first impression is that when it comes to audiobooks, Neil is a great drummer. No offense.

The other thing you learn very quickly is that Mr Peart is aboooot as Canadian as you can get. The first line: “It seems like a lifetime agoooo.”

You just have to love it.