Empty Space

I took this picture about half an hour ago to test a hipstapack I bought this morning. Notice: There is only one amplifier in the photo. There is an empty space where the second amplifier should be.

Complaints have been sent to the shipping company with the little brown trucks. Anger: Rising.

The Stir Crazy Files – Episode 9

I mentioned in one of my psychotic, depressed rants yesterday that we are trying to give ourselves the illusion that we have control over at least some parts of the current situation.  Deluded?  Yeah, probably.

One thing we are doing to exert control over the universe is making the bed every morning.  Neither Jen nor I are the kind of people who worry about making the bed every day.  In the current circumstance though?  Yeah, we’re making the bed every morning.  Control what you can.  Forget about all the rest.