How’s Thursday Treating You?

I had my guard up when I logged in to work. I was out yesterday but word got to me about a potentially ugly issue. I expected it to explode all over the place as soon as I punched in. Nope. It turned out to be just slightly more than nothing and it was all wrapped up. Talk about a relief! That didn’t fix the other thing that I was expecting to be difficult today, but it did take some pressure off. Good job, everyone!

I’m eating fruit with lunch again. Aren’t you proud of me? Green grapes for the win. I think that’s the only fruit I actually like. Well, apples and oranges are good too, but green grapes are my first choice… and my second, third, and fourth choices. I just like ’em. Grapes good, chocolate bad, he said, entirely without conviction. Ugh.

Is everyone watching The Peacemaker on HBO? I think there is a new episode coming out today. It’s a spin off of The Suicide Squad, so if you don’t like humorous takes on ultra-violence then you might not enjoy it. Is anyone else finding it as hilariously funny as I am? It’s a comic character, right? Are the comics this funny?

Is there anything else going on? The Bruins lost to Colorado in overtime last night. The game didn’t start until 10pm Eastern time but I still managed to listen to the first period. Colorado appears to be the best hockey team on the planet right now and we survived long enough to go to overtime. That sort of feels like a moral victory, even if moral victories are still losses in the standings.

Major League Baseball is still locked out. Crickets.

I’ve been too busy to get any exercise in today. I hate leaving it until after work, but guess where today is headed. Go on, guess.

Okay, back to work with you.


This one’s going to be a little depressing. Also kind of irrational and not very happy.

Jen has been re-watching Sex and the City and I’ve been coming along for the ride. We just watched a cheese puff episode that got really real and uncomfortable.

After seeing the World Trade Center twin towers in the opening credits, the episode opened at a party full of New York Firemen. We think the episode originally aired in 2000.

Reality and cheese puff fiction blurred for a moment as a character said he worked at a station in lower Manhattan. Jen and I exchanged uncomfortable looks and speculated that he was very likely dead.

Suddenly the show wasn’t quite as light and fun as it used to be. 20+ years and it is still painful.

House of the Dragon

The teaser trailer for the Game of Thrones prequel on HBO, House of the Dragon, has been released.

Am I interested?

I don’t know.

I always said that if Arya or Tyrion got wacked I would stop watching (this list was later amended to include the wolves as well) and neither of them will be in this as both characters would be approximately -200 years old.

Do I want to sit through a Game of Thrones story that doesn’t have Arya or Tyrion or any of the Stark kids’ wolves?

I don’t know. Probably? Maybe? I am not sure.

This teaser doesn’t really excite me at all. Maybe we’ll have to wait until the show actually starts airing before I decide if I am interested or not.

Tina Turner

We just watched the Tina Turner documentary on HBO. I was never a fan, but even at the wise old age of 13 in 1984 I could recognize a legendary bad ass when I saw one. You should watch the movie.

TV and Stuff

There’s a new episode of WandaVision out. I haven’t watched it. Hopefully later tonight. We’ll see how the time works out.

I just finished my pointless rewatch of The Flash. That show comes back soon. The Walking Dead comes back soon. There’s a new Superman show on CW that premiers this week. That could hold us over until Supergirl comes back, but the idea of Superman as a dad to two teenagers… I don’t know about that. Batwoman is back, but they are already rebooting and it’s only season two. Season one was okay, but was it good enough to justify coming back after rebooting? I don’t know. I haven’t watched any of season two yet. That might be a clue as to how interested I am.

What shows should I hyper focus on for the next stretch of Covid lockdown?

I heard Resident Alien was good. I might check that out. I never got around to the second season of Altered Carbon, so that’s a possibility. I hear The Expanse and Snowpiercer are good. Handmaid’s Tale is a possibility. I was afraid to watch that during Trump because it felt too close to home. It still does, but maybe I should try it? Ozark? Breaking Bad? Lost? Mindhunter?

I don’t know… WandaVision, The Flash, and The Walking Dead (along with Falcon and Winter Soldier, once WandaVision ends) are a lot. They should be enough. They don’t give me the option of putting it on Netflix and letting it run all day while I do other things though. Unless I start The Walking Dead from the beginning, the way I just did with The Flash. Maybe.

Maybe I’ll just put The Mandalorian on and let it run on a loop 24 hours a day. That’ll work.

Quarantine TV Update

Thanks to 50/90 and the return of some pro sports, my quarantined TV watching has fallen off the cliff. At least prior to this past weekend.

The second season of The Umbrella Academy came out. I liked the first season, so I popped on the first episode. It started with a quick recap of season one. While watching that I had two thoughts. The first was, wow, I had kinda forgotten a lot of this. The second was, wow, that season might have been a whole ton better than I remembered, and I did really like it.

I was planning to watch one episode, and spread the season out for a couple of weeks. Nope. Once I started watching I was hooked and couldn’t stop. I started the season on Saturday and finished it on Monday. Yikes. It was so good.

Prior to the start of 50/90 I started watching The Watchmen on HBO. I was only a couple of episodes in, but I was enjoying it quite a bit. I started up again last night. The second season of The Boys is coming on Amazon in a few weeks. I’ll be jumping back into that. I’ve also been picking my way through a Rick and Morty rewatch. When I’ve got 25 minutes or so to kill before work I’ll watch an episode. I’m in season two. I just watched the Unity episode where Rick creates a life form just to test out his chosen method of suicide. Is that the most colossally depressing thing you’ve ever seen or what? The show is so good.

Then there is the 800 pound gorilla in the streaming television room…. The Handmaids Tale. It’s out there. Its supposed to be amazingly good. I want to watch it. I haven’t watched it yet because I am afraid of it. I know it’s going to hit too close to home. I don’t want to find out how that show is going to make me feel.

That and sports. There’s a Bruins game at 4:00 today. I have a meeting at 4:00 today. Damn it.