Like a Great Ball of Anti-Fire

Jen came up with a project today, and like all times when Jen comes up with a project she kicked it’s ass back to the stone age like the Boss Queen that she is.

She decided her office and the living room had too many power strips and extension chords. They don’t any more. She rearranged all of the wiring everywhere and when she was done we have the same number of things plugged in but with one power strip and two big extension chords left over. It was pretty amazing to watch. She’s pretty amazing in general, but this was really cool.

You should be in awe of my wife, just like I am.

Changing the subject, did the Flickr iOS app go screwy for anyone else today? The auto upload stopped working. I think it was because I took a slow mo video this morning. The same video file made YouTube act weird too. I cleared out my phone’s photo album (everything is backed up), logged out of Flickr, took a new picture, logged back in, and everything was okay again. Weird.

The Annual Flickr Year in Review for 2021

Most New Years I try to do a recap of the previous year by pulling one photo per month from my Flickr account. Here’s the post for 2021.

Given the circumstances there wasn’t much to choose from, and much of it was less than happy. I did my best to stay positive though.

January: what started as an attempt to redesign Jen’s bedroom closet turned into a major redesign of the whole bedroom.

February: when the bedroom redesign was done we moved to the kitchen. We didn’t finish until well into March, but it was a huge part of our February. Harry helped a ton with all of the new pre-fab furniture.

March: It wasn’t enough to lift the lock down, but I got my first vaccine shot. Team Pfizer, babie.

April: I got my second vaccine dose in April, and that did partly lift my personal lock down, but I’m not going for that this time. Instead I’m going with finally getting out from under the cellar flooding. Words can’t describe the relief I felt, though it did end up being short lived.

May: I turned 50 and my wife shocked me with a colossal birthday present.

June: One of the best days I’ve ever had. Harry graduated from high school.


July: It might not seem like a big deal, but I braved the pandemic and went to the eye doctor and got new glasses. What should have been a routine event was made stressful and difficult by Covid. My full vaccine dosage came through for me though.

August: Another huge landmark day. Harry moved into his dorm. The empty nest was in full swing and I’m still having a hard time with it, but his Fall Semester grades were excellent.

September: Remember that thing about the cellar flood? September was the month where we found the source of the second flood and got that jerk taken care of too.

October: Shot number three. I got my booster.

November: There were many drives to Vermont this year. November was one of two that I made alone.

December: There is only one moment I could use for December. The best moment of the entire year. The Christmas miracle.

And there it is, my readers and only friends. The Flickr Year in Review.

Let’s hope 2022 gives us fewer awful moments, and many more excuses for happy bad photographs.

Photo Geek Backup Plan

It was the last day of August 2019. Jen, Harry, and I had just played nine holes of par three golf and were out somewhere for lunch. Among the many things discussed were Flickr’s photo a day challenge (why?) and a scene in Family Guy where Peter takes a selfie a day for a year and turns it into a video. The next day I started a photo a day thing that has lasted for over two years now. I also started using an app to take a selfie a day and turn it into a video. I stopped that after one year, but a couple of months ago, while in my brief, ultimately unnecessary, quarantine adventure, I started another one.

The original idea behind the selfie a day app was that if I forget to take a photo one day, maybe I will have taken a pic for the selfie thing and I could use that. In the 2019/2020 photo a day thing it never happened. In the 2020/2021 photo a day thing it wasn’t an option, but it still never happened. In the current 2021/2022 photo a day thing… it happened yesterday.

I did take a picture of something but I deleted it. I think I took a picture of a letter where the text was too small for old people to actually read. I didn’t think that counted for the photo a day thing (why?) so I trashed it. Today I realized that I never took another pic through the entire day. But wait! Yes I did! I have a notification for the selfie a day app that posts at lunch time and I took that pic! I downloaded it, sent it to Flickr, and BAM! Back on track, babie!

Another Year

First of all, my wife today referred to our basement as Lake Asshole without me prompting her. It is true, this stupid blog is corrupting people left and right. Insert maniacal laugh here.

Now, back to your regularly scheduled post:

One year ago today I posted a picture that I took with my iPhone. It marked the completion of the Flickr Photo a Day Challenge thing. 366 days (2020 was a leap year) with at least one photo. Success. I had tried that challenge a bunch of times and crashed and burned each time.

The next day (one year ago tomorrow) I still took another picture. The day after that I did it again. I wasn’t planning on doing another photo a day thing, it was just Covid-19 pandemic-land and I had to keep my locked down self entertained somehow, right? A few days into September there was a day where I did not take a still photo, but I did take a video of the cat doing something. Eventually I created an album on Flickr called “Not Doing a 365, but…”

Well… assuming that one video counts for a 365 project (notice I didn’t call it a photo a day this time, that’s a technicality, but it’s my project so I make the damn rules so blah), I just completed the 365 I wasn’t actually doing. That picture of the two wheel dolly I posted earlier? Yeah, that was the pic for day 365. So not only have I completed a photo a day thing after trying and failing over and over again so many times… I’ve now done it twice without a break in between. It’s not a 366 or a 365, it is a 731….

….and counting.

September 1, 2019 through August 31, 2021.

Good heavens, what a nerd!

Fail Averted

I’m not doing a photo a day thing. I did one from September 1, 2019 through August 31, 2020.


It’s just that once I finished I kinda forgot to stop. So from September 1, 2020 through April 11, 2021 I had a photo each day. Crazy.

When I woke up on the 13th I realized that I forgot to take a picture on the 12th. Fail. It’s okay because I am not actually doing a photo a day.

A few minutes ago I opened up Flickr and watched the last couple of days worth of pics upload. Much to my surprise there were two from the 12th. I took ‘em and forgot about ‘em. So I’m still on track for the photo a day I’m not actually doing. Cool!

The picture I took and forgot about was of a little gift an instacart shopper left for us. Thanks for keeping me on track!

Out of Space?

I tried to post an image off of my phone earlier today and it failed to upload to I tried a couple of times without success. I eventually uploaded it to Flickr and pulled the link in from there. That worked.

The last time this happened to me it was because my account was out of storage space. I just checked the media library and wouldn’t you know it, I am out of space again. I cleared off about 1% by replacing hosted images with the same images from Flickr so I can upload stuff if I need to, but grrrrrr.

I already have a paid account. Last time this happened I didn’t want to upgrade to the next highest tier account. This time I might do it. My available space will more than double. I don’t want to, but I am sick of this crap. I might just do it. Grrrrrr

Blogger Backup

Earlier today I found the location of all of the photos I uploaded to blogger. Not the photos hosted by Flickr or Photobucket or those that were hosted by posterous which no longer exist. Just those hosted by Blogger.

I just added them all to Flickr. I thought they’d be sorted by the date they were taken, but the exif data doesn’t seem to have made the trip so my Flickr now has 1700 photos that it thinks were taken today. Nice.


Accidental Photo a Day

Remember that stretch from September 2019 through August 2020 when I was always mentioning how I was doing a photo a day thing on Flickr? Weren’t you happy when I finished that up on the last day of August with post number 366/365? Remember all that stupidity?

I wasn’t planning it… I didn’t even realize I was doing it… but I never stopped. I’ve posted a new photo* to Flickr each day since I “stopped” the 365. The picture I put in the previous post is day #43. Am I doing this again? I don’t think so… but I’ve gone this far, right?

*One day, September 7th to be exact, I posted a short video of Patches rolling around with catnip. I didn’t post a still photo that day, just the video, but in my mind it totally counts.