I’m Not Complaining, Just Observing

I promise that this post is not me complaining or whining or bitching. I’m just a stats nerd and I notice stuff like this.

I watch the stats for this page. Always have. Back when I was using Blogger (from 11/08 through 12/12) I didn’t have stats available so I signed up for third party apps that kinda sorta let me view stats. One of the reasons I moved off of Blogger and onto WordPress.com was all of the visitor and page view stats.

In March of 2021 my view counts started to grow. I don’t know why, they just did. I always say this and I’ll say it now. When I talk about numbers on this page I am not talking about large numbers. I am not comparing viewer engagement here to any other site. This is not a real site and it’s not meant to pull people in. I tag and stuff, but that’s it. My numbers are teeny tiny compared to real blogs. I only compare my current numbers to my previous numbers. In March of 2021 I went from very few viewers to slightly more than very few viewers. Things grew steadily for a few months, then in February 2022 things started to sort of trend downward again. I don’t know why.

For some reason, unknown to me, last month’s numbers were super low compared to the prior year and a half. It wasn’t the lowest hit count for a month over that time period, but it was close. Similarly, this week my weekly numbers have been super low. I had one good day and every other day has been down to almost nothing. Today’s count right now (4:41pm) is less than what I would have woken up to at this time last year. I don’t know why and I don’t really care. This page is really just for me, you know? I have fun with it even when no one reads any of it. If my numbers were flat zeros (sorta like the film blog) I wouldn’t care.

The really interesting thing for me is, while the page view numbers seem to be evaporating steadily here, the view counts on Flickr have never been higher. I know why, theoretically at least. I am posting tons of stuff to Flickr and I am much more active on that site than I’ve been maybe ever. I joined in 2009 and at that time I was up to my eyeballs in the facebook and maybe up to my chin in the twitter, not to mention being a few months into the original Blogger page. Social media engagement wasn’t really the point of Flickr for me. Today though, Flickr is pretty much it for me as far as social media is concerned. I’m still using instagram a little, but I’m not really engaged with it. I post a pic a day and follow a bunch of photo and guitar centric users and I double tap on things that I see that I like, but mostly I just post the day’s picture and then leave. Over the last six months or so I have been posting photos to Flickr groups like crazy and then following up by viewing everyone else’s posts to those groups (within reason… I am not viewing everything that goes to the 10 Million Photos group, just a tiny fraction) and I have been viewing and faving and following tons of stuff on each day’s explore page. I should leave comments more often, but I never know what to say… sort of like real life, right?

What’s the point of this? There is no point. I post a ton to this page because I enjoy it. I post a ton to Flickr because I enjoy it. If people check my posts out then that’s great. If they don’t then I am still going to post a ton more. It doesn’t matter. I’m just a stats nerd and I feel the need to share my pointless observations. That’s all.

I mean really what it all comes down to is that we should all just prepare ourselves for season three of The Mandalorian, right? This is the way. I have spoken.

Flickr Explore

Remember this silly little iPhone snap that I posted on Friday as I was walking in to the hospital to see my father?


It made Flickr’s Explore yesterday. Thousands of views, one hundred likes, 10 comments (which is 10 more than I usually get).


It figures that the pic I took with my phone without giving it any thought at all would make Explore while the pics I’ve been taking with my DSLR and actually thinking through ahead of time are passed over. I don’t mind though.

I think this is my 10th time making Explore… I think. I’ve been trying since 2009.


The Film is In

The two rolls of film that were out for delivery are in! They said 5-10 business days and then sent them back to me on a Saturday! I love this lab! Old School Photo Lab gets it done again!

It’s all up on Flickr now. I’ll post something later today. For now I want to visit Mom and then see if I can get myself some clothes that fit me. After that, more pic posts!

Photo a Day Complete

And with this photographic masterpiece, a third consecutive photo a day project thingie is complete:


I stepped outside and the groundhog (day) bolted for his/her hole. Then she/he stopped at the edge and posed for this photo. Thanks, Mr/Mrs/Ms Groundhog (day)!

So the question then is… do I start again tomorrow? Officially, no. Unofficially? Probably, yeah. Then again, what does official vs unofficial even mean? Every shot from the 2019/2020 attempt was posted to Instagram. If I do that again will that make it official? Who the hell even cares?

It’s Almost September

Tomorrow is the last day of August. That means two of my daily projects are about to come to an end… sort of.

On September 1, 2019 I started a photo a day thing on Flickr. I successfully completed it on August 31, 2020. On September 1, 2020 I started again and finished successfully on August 31, 2021. Can you guess what happened on September 1, 2021? You guessed it. I started another 365 project. It ends tomorrow. The Flickr album has 364 pictures in it. Tomorrow it will have a full year. Exciting, eh? I wonder what is going to happen on September 1st?

I also started two selfie a day things on September 1, 2021. I found two apps that did it and couldn’t decide which one to go with so I started two. On May 4, 2022 I stopped one of them and restarted it with the post-surgery theme. You’ll see the results of that on May 4, 2023. The other one is still going, though I have missed a number of days along the way. There are 351 photos in it right now. 352 will be tomorrow and that will be it. I’ll make a video out of it and post it and never think of it again.

Or will I?

I’m thinking that on September 1st I’ll delete all of the photos from before May 4, 2022 and turn it into another post-surgery thing. The current post-surgery thing is all photos taken in the door mirror in our bathroom. You can see my entire 6’4″. The one that ends tomorrow is just my face. It might be fun to have a full year of face to go along with the full year of gut. I think I’ll do that.

Also on September 1st (which is Thursday, two days from now if you’re curious) I am planning to start working on some new music. There will be an album in a month to make myself feel better about not playing very much and almost completely blowing off 50/90. I’m planning on using RPM Challenge rules that define an album as 10 songs or 35 minutes, and I am thinking of doing a double album as sort of penance for the 50/90 thing.

And that is the plan for September. How exciting!

Photo a Day Weirdness

So I am not doing a third consecutive photo a day thing on Flickr. Nope. I am not two months away from completing a third year with at least one photo taken every single day without exception. Nope. Not doing it.

The film thing makes it weird. I took like 15 pictures today that will not get to Flickr for weeks at least, and will not even have exif data with the dates embedded into the file and the camera and lens used and the aperture and ISO and shutter speed. They are going to be just like… pictures… only. How strange is that? I am going to have to remember which cameras shot which images and which lenses they used. Well, the Nikon only has one lens but the Pentax has two.

So weird.

Planning and Postscript

Two things. First, weather.com says it is going to be sunny in the morning. I am going to try to get up around sunrise and go find a place in the city to take some film photo tests. Maybe just downtown before everything opens. Maybe the cemetery near the railroad station. Maybe the castle ruins. Maybe something else. I don’t know, but I want to do it and I only want to bring dad’s film camera. We’ll see what (if anything) happens.

Second, In regards to the previous post, Jen read an article tonight saying that people recovering from Gastric Bypass surgery probably should not try to eat broccoli until after three months or so. Something about the fiber causing food to get stuck. Well then I’ll just have to wait and see what happens, but I do feel perfectly fine at the moment. No worries.

Bonus third topic. I am in the middle of a third straight photo a day project thingie on Flickr. Every day for two years and nine months I have taken a picture with my iPhone. As of now, 9:14pm, I have not taken a picture with my iPhone. The streak lives, however, because I have taken a picture with my D90 and it’s on Flickr. The streak continues, babie!

Ain’t she sweet?


A Little Better

I went back and tried to redo the picture of the guitar from the previous post. I did this in manual mode on my DSLR. Inside the camera, I had the aperture set to f/5.3 and the shutter set to 10. The ISO was set to 400 because that was the speed of the film I had in Dad’s camera.

The EXIF data in Flickr mostly matches, but where I would expect to see a shutter speed it gives an Exposure of 1/10. The too dark pic on the previous post was in Aperture priority mode, I think. This pic was in manual mode. The too dark pic was f5.0 and Exposure 1/30. Does that mean the shutter was 30? I don’t know. I think it might be time for me to finally start paying attention to these values. I’ll also note that I don’t think Dad’s camera can match these settings exactly, but I am hoping my camera can match what Dad’s camera does. I guess.

Anyway, this one looks pretty good to me. Not great, but pretty good.