Surprise Temptation

Jen and I just started making lasagna together. I’ve never made it before. Possibly because I don’t like it at all. While we paused to let the sauce cook I tried to have some lunch. It’s my second attempt. The first attempt ended at two bites of chicken when my stomach rebelled. I’m doing a little better now, but my stomach is starting to complain so we’ll pause for a few minutes and type up a post.

Jen had lunch while I was failing and then almost two hours went by. She asked me if I could cut her a slice of leftover Thanksgiving pie. Sure thing, love. She asked me to put a little Cool Whip on top. You know, you can’t have pie without Cool Whip. Or should I say Cool Whhhhip.

I brought out the bowl, grabbed a spoon, opened the container and was seized with an overwhelming urge to scoop out a huge spoonful and eat it.

Huh… I didn’t see that coming. I could practically taste it and I seriously wanted it. I wanted that Cool Whhhhhhhhip badly. I successfully fought off the urge, but it was so strong it was disturbing.

Unrelated note: I want to snap a picture of the new christmas lights after the sun goes down. Should I also take a film photo? It will be black and white but it will also need the tripod. With the zoom lens I’m using for this roll I may also have to stand across the street.

We’ll see.

Rick and Morty Night

Today is Fathers Day. Did all the fathers out there have a good day? I hope so. It was a good day here but allow me to remind everyone that Stepfamily Day is September 16th.

Today is also important for another reason. Today is the premier of Rick and Morty Season Five. Adult Swim on the Cartoon Network at 11:00pm. I had to check and make sure that I can stream Cartoon Network using the FiOS app on my iPad, but I sure can. We’re about 2.5 hours away from the episode and I already have the stream running… just in case. We’re lucky there’s a Family Guy, you know?

Happy Fathers Day
Happy Rick and Morty Day

Early Morning

I drove my wife to work today. That’s just something we do now and then. She starts a whole lot earlier than I do, so I tend to get to work way too early. This morning I put the time to good use. I sat in the parking lot watching Family Guy on Netflix on my phone.

I love love love living in the future, don’t you?