Surprise Temptation

Jen and I just started making lasagna together. I’ve never made it before. Possibly because I don’t like it at all. While we paused to let the sauce cook I tried to have some lunch. It’s my second attempt. The first attempt ended at two bites of chicken when my stomach rebelled. I’m doing a little better now, but my stomach is starting to complain so we’ll pause for a few minutes and type up a post.

Jen had lunch while I was failing and then almost two hours went by. She asked me if I could cut her a slice of leftover Thanksgiving pie. Sure thing, love. She asked me to put a little Cool Whip on top. You know, you can’t have pie without Cool Whip. Or should I say Cool Whhhhip.

I brought out the bowl, grabbed a spoon, opened the container and was seized with an overwhelming urge to scoop out a huge spoonful and eat it.

Huh… I didn’t see that coming. I could practically taste it and I seriously wanted it. I wanted that Cool Whhhhhhhhip badly. I successfully fought off the urge, but it was so strong it was disturbing.

Unrelated note: I want to snap a picture of the new christmas lights after the sun goes down. Should I also take a film photo? It will be black and white but it will also need the tripod. With the zoom lens I’m using for this roll I may also have to stand across the street.

We’ll see.