Eye Doctor

I have an eye doctor appointment scheduled for about an hour from now. I have my insurance card at the ready, I need to stop for gas on the way, but otherwise I’m all set.

And I am freaking out. This isn’t the first time I am voluntarily letting someone get right up close to me, but in the Covid-19 world (note, I did not say post-Covid-19 world) I am just not comfortable with it yet. I don’t know if I will ever feel comfortable with it again. I hope so. I can’t handle this extra stress piled on top of all of the other extra stress. I’m tired of this. Additionally, if you allow me to quote the great Roger Murtaugh, I’m too old for this shit.

I’m hoping to get a pair of general use glasses and a pair of sitting at the computer all day working glasses. We’ll see.

Welcome to July

Happy July 1st, everyone. Summer in full swing. The forecast calls for a high of 80 degrees today with rain every day for the foreseeable future. Hooray.

Today is the day that my company’s Covid-19 lock down kind of comes to an end. Prior to Covid I worked in the building four days per week and at home one. Now it’s sort of the opposite. It’s not in the office once per week, it’s more like in the office an average of once per week. Flexibility is our friend. It’s actually in the office 20% of the month… so about once per week.

I was hoping to make my first day back July 13th as my last day before lock down was March 13th and it would be funny for it to be exactly 16 months. Nope. My nana sitting schedule will not allow that. I need to sneak in at least once before the 13th.

Change of subject, I went to sleep around midnight last night and woke up a bit before 5:00. I felt okay, even though I failed to get even five hours of sleep, but my SleepWatch app is telling me my heart rate dip was garbage. It says I was in restful sleep for about three quarters of the night though, so I’ve got that going for me. It’s going to be a long day.

The 50/90 challenge starts in four days. Are you ready to be bombarded with posts regarding awful, pointless, idiotic music, guitar playing, song writing, and recording? I strongly suspect this year’s challenge will end in a crash and burn, and it will likely happen quickly. As of this moment though, I am still thinking I am on board. In fact, I was thinking about swapping out my amplifier. I don’t want to go with a two amp setup like last year. I don’t want to take up that much room in the bedroom anymore. I have been using my Vox AC15 for the last few months. This weekend before things kick off I might swap it for my Fender Bassbreaker 15 again. We’ll see.

Did I mention I have an eye doctor appointment on Saturday? Does it make me sound like an old fart when I say I am seriously looking forward to it? Probably. Okay (son of) boomer.

Right, time for my Nana Sitting duties. I need to bring her the 8:00am meds.

Until next time.

Good day, eh?

Lunch Break

It’s the tail end of my lunch break. What’s going on in the world?

What the hell is the deal with Apple’s podcast player? Both on iOS and iPadOS? I’ve been using them both for years but over the last few weeks they’ve become useless. I’ve found myself using Stitcher out of frustration. The app is garbage these days. I’m almost afraid to try it on the MacOS, though it’s pretty much always been garbage there.

At this moment, the third podcast I have queued up is a hockey podcast talking about game one of the Stanley Cup Final from last night. I only watched the first period and I fell asleep before the third period started. The final score was Tampa Bay 5, Montreal 1. That’s what I am talking about, hockey fans! I hate Tampa Bay but anything is better than Montreal. Tampa Bay, keep up the good work. Let’s win this one in four. Pretty please?

Work has been weird today, and I am not talking about my idiotic forgetting of my badge this morning. Not sure if it’s something in the air or what, but lots of weirdness going on. Nothing we can’t handle, just… odd.

I finally made myself an eye appointment. I’ll be visiting my local Lens Crafters this weekend. I think I am 100% on board with a dedicated computer glasses. I think that will make my work day a little less blurry.

I am a bad person. I have to nana sit tomorrow, which means I need to go over there around 6:30 or so. Harry has a new job and he won’t be getting home until after 7:00. That means we can’t watch the new episode of Loki on the day it’s released. At least we can’t watch it together. Maybe we could do one of those… what do they call them… viewing parties? Or we can just wait until Thursday. Or Harry and Jen can watch it without me. I don’t want that, but I would rather the two of them be happy than anything else. I feel like I am breaking my own heart every third day. I just feel awful.

It’s 95 degrees out right now. As bad as that is, it’s better than 110, or whatever it is over in the Northwest. The air conditioner is keeping up here. May it continue it’s good, heroic work.

Okay, it’s 2:00. Back to work, red head.

The Weekend is Close

Just under four hours left in the work week. The weekend is almost here.

I’m not sure what the plan is. I want to get an eye exam. I haven’t had a chance to try and book anything yet so it probably isn’t going to happen. Our passports are going to expire soon and we need to get new pictures done so we can send them in with the renewal application. Good thing I got my hair cut, huh?

Guitar, guitar center, trade in the strat, all that stuff. I’m Nana Sitting again on Sunday night but we can get a lot of stuff done between the time I get home tonight and the time I come back on Sunday. Granted, we could also get a lot of flaking and resting and relaxing in too.

So many options, you know?

Glasses – Progressive Lenses – Bifocals – History

My eyes are getting worse by the day.  I’m okay, but the day is coming when it’s going to be a struggle.  I tried to use this blog to figure out when I got my current glasses and it failed me.  It failed because I was searching for either two broad a keyword, or the wrong keyword.

“New glasses” got me a ton of hits, mostly posts concerning the kids getting their first pairs of glasses.  Bifocals got a hit from sometime in 2016 with me speculating that I needed them.  I needed to search for “Progressive Lenses”.  That would have brought me to the right post, but I didn’t think of that.

Instead I went to Flickr.  I started in Spring of 2018, thinking it’s probably been two years or so.  I scrolled back in time until I found a picture of myself without glasses on, and then scrolled forward and there it was.

September 11, 2017.  Not only an anniversary of tragedy, but also the day I got my first pair of non-reading glasses.  My first pair of always on’s.

Once the COVID-CRAZY ends, I have to get myself to an eye doctor and get my prescription updated.  Maybe I can get some frames that are less likely to slide down my nose… unlikely given the size of that nose.  Yikes.

Here’s a pic of my glasses, taken on 9/12/17. A little more than 2.5 years ago. I think it’s safe to say I’m due for a check up, at least.