Thirsty Tree

When we decorated the tree last week, Harry put a tree skirt around the base that covered the entire stand. We were no longer able to see into the stand to see the water level. Jen and I were just filling up a quart measuring cup with water and pouring it into the little funnel thing and forgetting about it.

Well, today I opened up the tree skirt to see the actual level and… I couldn’t see any water at all. Granted the angle is bad and so is the lighting so I couldn’t actually see all the way to the bottom, but there was nothing within my field of vision. It took a whole gallon before it looked full again. Fingers crossed we didn’t let the tree die over the last week with our measly quarts. Also, fingers crossed I didn’t just drown the poor bastard.


Don’t Forget the Water

I was listening to a hockey podcast this morning. It was three hockey writers shootin’ the breeze. They veered off topic and started talking about the pros and cons of real vs fake christmas trees.

Shit, thought I, I forgot to water the christmas tree yesterday.

The downside of putting up a real tree right after Thanksgiving is you have to be extra careful about maintenance. If you want to have a green tree on christmas morning then you better keep it watered. Otherwise Santa will be putting presents under some dead, ugly, brown thing with needles all over the floor.

I’ve also listened to a couple of amateur musician podcasts today and the topic of discussion in each one is the Get Back documentary. They all agree with me. Despite being 800 hours long, that movie is absolutely magnificent. It’s just an utter delight. Where else do you get to see the creative process where Paul McCartney literally wills the song Get Back into existence? That song didn’t exist at all until Paul sat there, strumming on his bass, forcing it out of his head. It’s just magic. It was genius at work. Literally.

One little item that I didn’t really catch had to do with Paul. For huge swaths of the movie the band is playing like shit. There’s so much noodling and farting around, whether it be all of them together, or just one or two, or whatever. The question was posed… in all of that mountain of playing… do you ever hear Paul play a bad note? I need to watch the whole thing again, but right now I can’t recall anything. So not only was he pulling super classic music out of his ass, over and over again, he is also playing so well he seems incapable of doing anything that doesn’t sound right. Hell, he’s even playing his Rickenbacker bass at one point and one of the strings pops out of the nut and lays against another string, and he’s still playing great. How is that possible?

Okay. Back to work. I had a deadline moved up on me and the pile of stuff I thought I had two days to do suddenly has to be done today. Enough of my yakkin’, let’s boogie!


The annual Owl post.

The Owl needs to be the second highest ornament on the tree, after the star. I had to wrap it around a branch to get it as high up as possible. A few minutes ago it unwrapped itself and fell a little, which made the Jawa the second highest. I fixed it.

More Progress

I started at noon and got interrupted at about 1:45. Guitars, babie. Guitars. I did rhythm and leads on three songs. Well… one song still needs one little eight bar solo, but I’ll get to that after the christmas tree is done. The kids should be here any minute. After that I’ve got two more songs ready for leads and one song that needs rhythm and leads. After that… I don’t know. Maybe add up the total time for the eight songs currently part of the project and if it hits 30 minutes declare myself done, otherwise try to add another one. I still have two days after today, but there is also a lot of mixing to do.

I’m sure I’ll snap a guitar pic or two when I get back to it later tonight. It is GibSunday after all. As for now, the plan is to decorate, maybe watch a TV show for a bit, maybe eat some dinner, and then back to it! I think the Walking Dead spin offs are going to have to wait until tomorrow (it is Sunday, after all).

Now, where did I put that owl ornament?

Tree Plans

My step son suggested that this year’s Christmas tree should come from a Christmas tree farm where we actually cut it down ourselves.

We are doing it tomorrow morning. Then the kids go to their dad’s. On Sunday, just before they head back to school, they will pop over here to decorate the tree.

I would still rather get into the month of December before putting up the Christmas tree, but given the scheduling difficulties this year I’m going along without snarky comments. Or at least with a minimum of snarky. Insert shit eating grin here.

HoHoHo and all that.

Christmas Trees are Assholes

How awesome are Christmas trees?

None. That’s how awesome they are. None awesome.

We bought a big tree. Bigger than usual. Partly because we waited an extra week or so to go tree shopping and the pickings were a little slim. Also though, it was a really nice tree.

We bought it on Saturday, and the kids and I put it onto the stand right away. We decorated it on Sunday, and everything was well. About an hour after we finished it fell over. It hit the bay window but didn’t punch through. The tree stand though. Toast. One of the legs was bent completely into the wrong direction. the upper ring was snapped off. It was a bad fall.

I got the tree back up by precariously balancing it on what was left of the stand. Jen ran out to buy a newer, better, stronger stand while the kids and I took off all the decorations that we’d just put on. When the new stand arrived the kids and I started from scratch and put everything back together.

I think that the decorations looked better before the fall, but that might just be because the tree is a total asshole. I’m just waiting for it to fall over again. What a jerk, right?