It’s cold in our basement. My office space is in the basement. I am wearing a fleece jacket but I’m still a little cold. I have a space heater near my desk but I don’t like to use it too often. I sometimes turn it on around lunch time and let it go for part of the afternoon. It’s running right now.

Two hours ago our biggest, scariest customer had an issue blow up on them. It’s something that happens now and then and the case was assigned to me when it started. I got pulled into it and for some reason it freaked me out. I think (hope) I was able to stay on top of it and the issue is no longer occurring, but it got to me. I haven’t been bugged by a problem at work like that in a very long time. I can’t tell if my hands are shaking because it’s cold or because I am freaked.


The take away here though is that it’s not happening anymore and I did stay on top of it and I kept everyone up to date on all of the latest as it progressed. I did okay with it. Why did it freak me out so much?


Now I get to go into a 2.5 hour meeting and I didn’t really have any lunch. I snuck in a protein bar so I should be good to go, but I was hoping I’d be able to have a break during my lunch break. You know how it is.

Happy Tuesday, good people.

Spider Hunt

Spiders in the cellar: 0
Robert: 3

Our cellar is, traditionally, the spider kingdom of North America. This isn’t our house, it’s theirs and they just let us stay.

Yesterday, while doing my morning walking-in-place-thing, I started to fight back. There were some serious webs in the ceiling in between the joists. I grabbed a towel and removed them. Forced relocation, if you will. Today, while doing my morning walking-in-place-thing, I found three spiders trying to rebuild along the wall next to one of the floor lamps. I went on the spider hunt, without breaking my walking-in-place-thing stride (though my watch did register it as a drastic slowing of the pace) I grabbed some Kleenex and terminated the arachnids with extreme prejudice. I went all Rambo on their eight legged asses.

Good night, sweet spiders. May you rest in creepy, squished, peace.

Thoughts on this week’s weigh in. Hmmm…

Two weeks ago I weighed in two days early, on Monday instead of Wednesday. Last week I weighed in one day early, on Tuesday instead of Wednesday. This week I am on track to weigh in on Wednesday, the way the universe wants me to.


I think I might wait until Thursday and weigh in one day late. Why? Because Thursday is August 4th, the third monthiversary* of the surgery. I think it would make sense to wait an extra day and celebrate the month rather than go on Wednesday and celebrate the week (the 13th week, to be exact).

Now while that does seem like a good idea, I don’t know if the curiosity is going to let me wait an extra day. We will have to see what tomorrow morning brings. As of right now though, the weigh in will be on Thursday.

*I just want to acknowledge that my browser’s spell check no longer views monthiversary as a spelling error. I have taught you well, young spell checking Padawan.

Huh… it doesn’t flag Padawan as a spelling error either. Oh how the Star Wars have taken over our popular culture. Finally!

Cellar Window

The plant in the cellar window is definitely growing a new leaf. I watered all of the plants down here this morning and water leaked out of the bottom of every pot. Insert frustrated grumbles here.


I think there might be new leaves on the other two cellar plants too, but there is also a lot more signs of distress. This pic shows one leaf turning brown at the tip. The other two are showing a lot of that, and it’s all much worse. I am hoping I won’t need to redesign the window arrangement to fit the other two plants.

I don’t want to move my desk swag. I just brought the Devil Dawg here from my parents house where it sat forgotten on a shelf…


Also, Mabel Pines may be the greatest character in television history. I can’t displace her.


What to do, what to do.