I Like Getting Good News

The photo doesn’t have anything to do with the title, I just like candles too. Not as much as I like good news, but whatever.

I’m still feeling the sense of impending doom though. I’m not sure how to process it given the events of the day. Maybe I am just in a state of perpetual freaked out. That makes sense to me.

Candle Race Update

I started two Yankee Candles at the same time. I’ve never lit one without the other. It’s a candle race, babie! I put my money on the blue candle.

Much like my NHL predictions, my candle predictions just suck.


We are obsessed with candles. Why? No clue. Let’s blame COVID-19.

I just lit a new candle called Tahitian Nights. Strangely it doesn’t really smell like anything. I would have expected that nightlife in Tahiti would smell like salt water, sweat, and maybe vomit. Nope.


We are fighting off the quarantine blues by lighting candles all over the house. I don’t know why, or even if, it helps, but we are doing it.


I promise we are not pyromaniacs. We just like lighting fires in the dining room.

And the office.

And the living room.

And the kitchen.

And the patio in the back yard.