Friday Night

Not much going on around here tonight. It’s Friday. We got take out for dinner. We’re just hunkering down, waiting for the snow to come. Jen’s playing World of Warcraft, I’m in the bedroom watching The MandalorianThe Book of Boba Fett.

I just found out that my Godmother down in Alabama isn’t well. I don’t have any information, but I’m worried. I hope she’s okay.

I still have 19 more minutes of exercise to get in tonight and I am sitting here watching TV. It’s Star Wars TV, but it’s still TV. I’m feeling like I am falling behind everything again. I am so tired of Covid. I am so tired of everything being off. At the same time, I have to start going back to the office next week. Only once a week, but we’re in a massive Covid surge and still we’re going back. I’m just confused. Messed up, tired, and confused.

Ah, fuckadoodle. Once this episode of The MandalorianThe Book of Boba Fett is over I will try to do another few minutes on the exercise bike and then maybe play guitar for a few. Anything to briefly take my tiny mind off of the state of the universe. The Bruins are out in Arizona tonight. The game starts at 9:00. That should distract me for a while.

I hate it when I feel like this. I was right as rain while Jen and I were eating dinner together. Now I am just blue.

This is the way.


Not sure what the deal is tonight but I find myself feeling really low. I was fine a couple of hours ago but right now I’m feeling pretty shitty mental healthily speaking.

I can probably blame it on Covid. I can pretty much blame every unhappy feeling on the ‘Rona, but I’m not sure that’s good enough.

Is it the imminent arrival of yet another locked down holiday? Is it work stress? I had a project on my to-do list this morning that I really wanted to get through but I ended up being so busy with other stuff that I spent exactly zero seconds working on it.

Is it the weather? Is it the calendar? I guarantee it’s not the love of my life who is sleeping next to me as I type this useless shit. I do miss the kids, but that feeling is always with me and whatever is bothering me tonight is on top of that.

I don’t know. I’ll figure it out. Or I won’t. Think I’ll listen to some music for a few and then go to sleep.

Saturday Stuff

I’m going to have to work soon. I’m just waiting for word.

Jen and I just finished getting caught up on Ted Lasso. We were going to wait for the season to end and then binge it all but it’s really too good to hold off.

I’m outside right now. I just lit the grill so I can make us lunch. Turkey burgers. I think I mentioned that in a recent post, didn’t I?

I suddenly find myself feeling rather low. I don’t know why. Is it because I don’t want to work today? Is it because I slept like shit last night? Is the propane tank attached to the grill leaking?

I don’t know. Just feeling blue, that’s all. What can you do, right? Wanna make something of it or something?

Jen is inside waiting for lunch. I might need a hug when I go back inside. I don’t know.