Game Four

Bruins/Capitals Game Four of their first round series from the Gahden in Boston tonight. One period down, no score. What else is new? I was hoping the B’s would jump out to a 10 goal lead in the first few minutes so that we could have a stress-free game night experience. 33.3% through regulation and no luck yet.

It’s Nana Sitting night and I’m sitting in her living room watching the game. Jen and the kids are at home watching whatever they are watching on our swanky new 4K Apple TV which was delivered today. Our old Apple TV was getting buggy and weird. They announced the new one right at the exact time we were starting to think about replacing it. If I were a conspiracy theory loving red head, rather than the sane and rational cat that I am, I would think that was a bit too much of a coincidence. Nope. Not me.

Go Bruins.

Apple Nerds

Our Apple TV Siri remote has gone missing. It was there last night, it’s gone today. I think the cat ate it.

I was sitting at my work desk messing with my MacBook Pro and watching some hockey so I popped on over to and ordered a new remote. As I was starting the check out process Jen walked into the room to tell me that she just ordered a new remote.

Nerd love. It’s a beautiful thing.

Read a Calendar, You Dope

Yesterday morning after cranking out a couple of guitar parts I turned on the tube and opened up apple TV and went to purchases and went to The Walking Dead and found no new episode*.  Crap, thought I.  It’s not available yet.  I hadn’t watched the mid-season trailer (remember when we didn’t need idiot things like mid season trailers because seasons were 26 episodes over 26 weeks?) so I opened it up.

The Walking Dead didn’t come back on February 2nd, it comes back on February 9th.

I am such a dope.


*I am trying to create a new form of literary art centered on the run on sentence.  How am I doing?

A New Flavor of Nerd

This is a picture of my television. See the image? It’s the MLB iOS app. I’m listening to the end of the Toronto vs Tampa Bay game (let’s go Blue Jays!).

The app is running on my iPad and while the audio is streaming to the TV via Airplay, it is also mirroring the image from the iPad screen. I’ve never tried that before, but it’s working pretty well. Of course the image is pretty static on this particular app, so I can’t say how much latency is affecting things.

Still… Cool, right?


Apple TV Update, but Will We Take It?

I saw an article this morning about Apple TV being updated to include a few new apps, including Disney Channel. If we could get Disney on our 2nd television, without buying a second box, that would be awesome sauce.

Unfortunately, the last time they rolled out an update it fried our box. We were unable to do anything on Apple TV after taking the update. We got a second box (in the hopes of fixing the first and moving it to the 2nd TV) and have yet to take that first update. I don’t want to get burned a second time.

Should we try updating again? What do you think?

Telecommuting Trick – Apple Style

When I am working from home I like to listen to music.  For some reason, Richard Thompson (with and without Linda, and with and without Fairport Convention) seems to work for me while I work.  Not sure why.

Anyway, I have gotten into the habit of sitting at the dining room table while I work.  I don’t like wearing headphones for long periods of time so I don’t like to wear them while working all day.  I have a sweet Bose iPod dock that I had been using, but it isn’t something I can leave in the dining room and frankly I’m too lazy to hook it up and take it down all the time.

What to do?

I thought about streaming my iTunes Match account through our Apple TV.  Why not, the television goes through what is by far the best sound system in the house.  Unfortunately, it’s not in the same room as me when I work, and if I get a call I would have to run into the next room and shut it off before answering.  That’s a pain.

Ahh… but iTunes Match, plus Apple TV means… Airplay!

What I did today was send the music app (formerly known as the iPod app) on my iPhone through the Apple TV via Airplay.  That means the control of the music (volume, track, ect) is here in the dining room with me.  It also means that if the phone rings, the music is automatically paused!  Two proverbial birds, one proverbial stone!

Apple, you so cool!  Thanks!