10% Done

I mixed two songs tonight while sitting here feeling like a wrung out dishrag after the events of the day.

Five songs down. 50/90 is 10% complete.

I’m still stuck at 17 songs in the pipeline. 14 have rhythm guitars. One has vocals. Everything ready to be mixed is now mixed. Today is day 19. 71 days left.

Look Kids, Another Dumb Rock Song

Yup, it’s another big dumb rocker. I kinda like this one though, I wish I could sing. That would probably helped this one out a bit.

I have two more songs ready to mix. I could probably do another one tonight but… naw, we’ll get ’em tomorrow.

Wah Pedal’s Point of View

I leaned my iPhone against my wah pedal and took this with my Apple Watch. What a world we live in, eh?

I put rhythm guitars onto songs 11 and 12, put lead guitars onto songs 3 and 4, and mixed song 1. Not bad for a day where I worked more than 10 hours and then cooked dinner and am totally ready for bed at 10 minutes to 9:00.

You old person, you.

The 2020 50/90 Challenge will not be a shut out for me this year. One song down, 49 to go.

Neglecting My Responsibilities

I really do have work I want to do tonight. Really.

So what did I do?

i added rhythm guitars to two songs. That puts me up to 10, which is good. I also put lead guitars on two of the songs I put vocals on this morning. I still haven’t completed anything for 50/90, but I do have two songs ready to mix. Progress.

Musical Morning

It’s been a musical morning so far. I did some work on my 50/90 failure. I recorded lead guitars for five songs. I’ve got seven more to do but my finger tips are starting to sting pretty bad, and I have a band practice tonight. So I think I’ll take a break, then maybe practice for rehearsal tonight, then maybe sneak in one or two, and then be paralyzed from the top knuckle up for a day or two. Totally worth it.

50/90 ends in six days, and Lizardfish gig #2 is in 13 days. No problem!

Vocal Explosion

50/90 isn’t quite over yet though my chances of reaching 50 songs is long over.

When I woke up this morning I had seven songs finished. Four others were lead guitars and a mix away from being done.

This morning before work I wrote the lyrics and melodies, and recorded the vocals for five songs. Wow! At lunch I squeezed in another, and then after work I added two more. That’s eight vocal parts written and recorded today. That’s insane! I bet when I listen back all of the melodies will be identical. Heh heh, probably.

50/90 — An Update

You all remember 50/90, right? Write 50 songs in 90 days? July 4 through October 1.

I haven’t done anything in a couple of weeks (at least). I rocketed up to 27 ideas in progress, recorded guitars for 13 of them, and vocals for three. Then I just lost the umph, as it were.

My rule is, a song isn’t complete until there is a full demo. My other rule is that I wanted all the guitars to be recorded with a real amp instead of a sim in GarageBand. Today, though, I decided that if I was going to get any more work done (finishing is kinda out of the question) then I would have to go back to amp sims and headphones instead of making real, actual noise.

So if I get some sleep tonight I might spend my pre-telecommuting morning in the cellar plugged into my computer, listening with headphones, while trying to not wake my step son who will probably sleep really late because he’s a teenager and that’s what teenagers do.


50/90 – Day 13

When I woke up this morning I had 22 songs in progress, four with rhythm guitars recorded, and one with a vocal idea sketched out.

At this moment I have 24 songs in progress, eight with rhythm guitars, and still just the one vocal idea.

I don’t feel too terribly well today though, so there’s a good chance all the stuff I did today will need to be re-done.

We’ll see.




50/90 – Day 10

Two of the last three nights have been 50/90 progress free. Am I slowing down? Yeah, probably a little. Is it okay? Well, I’ve got 18 songs in the works and there are still 80 days left… so yeah, I think it’s okay.

If there is a hangup, it’s in the demo recording. I don’t want to use any amp sims at all. I want all of the guitar sounds to be my Fender Deluxe Reverb. All or nothing. I’ll probably change my mind on that eventually, but for now I’m sticking to it. That means no recording in the living room while the kids are watching tv. That’s a big deal. We’ll see how far this goes.

Most importantly, I’m still having fun.